7 Best Masterbuilt Smoker Covers: A Complete Guide

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If you own a smoker, you know how important it is to keep it protected. Smoker covers allow you to do just this. They are designed to keep your smoker away from dust, dirt, rain, and the sun. In short, smoker covers make it possible for you to enjoy your smoker for longer.

Masterbuilt is a trusted maker of grills and smokers. They also stock a variety of smoker covers so you can keep your prized smoker clean and protected. There is a smoker cover for each model, whether you are using an electric one or one fueled with gas, charcoal, or wood pellets.

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about smoker covers, from how to pick the right one to how to maintain the one you buy. We will also provide a list of 7 of the best Masterbuilt smoker covers designed for various smokers. Follow along, and you are sure to find one that is just right for you.

At a Glance: 7 Best Masterbuilt Smoker Covers

Name Dimensions Best for Weight More Info
Masterbuilt 30” Waterproof Cover 18.1” x 16.9” x 30.9” Covering different 30” smoker models 10.4oz Find out more
Masterbuilt MB20080210 Electric Smoker Cover 3.09” x 6.18” x 4.64” UV-ray protection 0.69lbs Find out more
Masterbuilt 40” Heavy Duty Grill Cover 23.2” x 16.9” x 38.6” Secured protection of electric smokers 1.1lbs Find out more
Masterbuilt MB20080220 Series 560 Cover 17.91” x 55.71” x 47.05” Charcoal smokers 4.4lbs Find out more
Masterbuilt MB20080318 40” Smoker Cover 22.99” x 36.61” x 50.87” Wood pellet smokers 1.2lbs Find out more
Masterbuilt MB20080419 30” Smoker Cover 3.99” x 7.98” x 5.99” 30” gas smokers 15.5oz Find out more
Masterbuilt 38” Smoker Cover 3.69” x 7.38” x 5.54” 38” gas smokers 0.87lbs Find out more

Selection Criteria

Smoker covers are essential in ensuring the longevity of your smoker, so picking the right one is an important decision. We used the following dimensions to pick our selection of the 7 best Masterbuilt smokers:

  • Weather-resistance: since a smoker cover’s main job is protection, and our selection features covers that have a proven record of quality. All the covers on our list can keep your smoker safe from the elements throughout the year.
  • Variety: smokers come in different shapes and sizes, and so do their covers. To give you the best chances of getting the best cover, we have selected covers for different types and models of smokers. This includes vertical smokers, smokers with gas tanks, and even smokers that are irregularly shaped.
  • Solid construction: a smoker that will rip with minimum handling is not ideal. Our selection is made up of covers made from quality materials and stitched in a way that they can take a lot of beating without falling apart. Some even have internal linings that add an extra layer of protection to your smoker.

Reasons to Buy Masterbuilt Smoker Covers

Reasons to Buy Masterbuilt Smoker Covers


Many Masterbuilt covers are designed for a particular type of smoker rather than a particular model. This means as long as you get the measurements right, you can fit any variety over your smoker. The right height of a smoker cover will fit over different models that have a similar shape.

Low Maintenance

Masterbuilt’s smoker covers are designed to provide the best care to your smokers without being fussy. The covers are easy to get on and off the smoker. They will easily protect your smoker without needing special care to remain in good shape.


Masterbuilt smoker covers are as expertly designed like the actual smokers. They are made to protect your smoker through all kinds of weather, whether it is sun or snow. The construction is also top-notch so that you do not rip the cover at the seams while fitting it over your smoker.

Tips for Using Masterbuilt Smoker Covers

Confirm Smoker Model

Smoker covers are not often a one-size-fits-all solution. Before you spend money buying a smoker cover on a guess, confirm the smoker model it is made for. You can do this by going through the product manual to see if your smoker’s model is mentioned.

Next, look through the Masterbuilt website for recommendations on covers that will fit your exact smoker model. If you cannot find an exact match, measure your smoker and compare the dimensions to the cover you are interested in before purchasing.

Store Smoker Indoors

While smoker covers protect your smoker from the elements, it does not mean that you should leave your prized possession out in the open. Put your smoker in a shed or the garage after each use before placing the cover over it.

This provides an extra layer of protection for your smoker. In case the cover is blown off, your smoker will not be at risk of damage through snow or rain. Additionally, storing your smoker indoors helps the cover maintain its structure for longer since it would deteriorate faster if left out in the sun or snow.

Clean After Use

Your smoker cover takes the brunt of the dust and grime that would otherwise affect your smoker when in storage. It is important to clean it frequently so that the dirt does not affect its structural integrity. When you take off the cover to use your smoker, take the time to clean the cover and leave it to dry before putting it back on the smoker.

7 Best Masterbuilt Smoker Covers

Masterbuilt 30” Waterproof Cover

Masterbuilt 30” Waterproof Cover

If you want a versatile smoker cover made to fit all Masterbuilt models of smokers, then look no further than the Masterbuilt 30” Waterproof Cover. This cover is designed to protect electric smokers that are up to 30 inches tall from the elements.

This cover is made from high-grade polyester. Polyester has water-resistant fibers that make this smoker cover waterproof. You can rest assured that your electric smoker will not get damaged if caught in an accidental shower or snowfall.

In addition to water repulsion, the Masterbuilt 30” Waterproof Cover has in-built UV resistance. As a result, it will not fall apart if left out in the sun. Double-precision sewing has been used to enhance the durability of this cover, so you’re assured that it will last you a while.


  • It is made from weather-resistant high-grade polyester.
  • Protects smokers from the sun’s UV rays.
  • It is colorfast, so it will not fade over time.
  • Feature double-precision stitching that enhances durability.
  • Suitable for all 30” tall Masterbuilt electric smoker models.


  • It needs to be secured to prevent it from flying off in strong winds.

Masterbuilt MB20080210 Electric Smoker Cover

Masterbuilt MB20080210 Electric Smoker Cover

The weather-proof Masterbuilt MB20080210 Smoker Cover is a must-have for anyone with a smoker. This cover is designed for all Masterbuilt electric smokers that are around 40 inches tall. With it, you can sufficiently protect the sensitive parts of your smoker.

This smoker cover is made from high-quality polyester. It is also coated with polyurethane to enhance the polyester’s weatherproof properties. You can comfortably leave your smoker covered and be assured that it will be protected from the sun and dust.

The Masterbuilt MB20080210 Smoker Cover is worth every penny. It has fade-resistant properties and is also crack-resistant, so you can use it all year round. It also weighs 0.69 pounds, so it will not fly off if unsecured in case of heavy winds.


  • Resists cracking when it shrinks in cold weather.
  • UV-ray resistance properties protect the cover from fading under the sun.
  • Heavy enough to not need securing in normal weather conditions.
  • Suitable for Masterbuilt 40” tall electric smokers.
  • Protects the smoker from dust and debris.


  • It is not fully waterproof.

Masterbuilt 40” Heavy Duty Grill Cover

Masterbuilt 40” Heavy Duty Grill Cover

This is another smoke cover designed for Masterbuilt’s 40-inch tall electric smokers. It is a heavy-duty smoker cover, able to protect your smoker from the elements all year round.

To keep your smoker free from water, this cover is made from high-grade polyester. Its moderate waterproof properties protect the electric connections of your smoker from water damage. It is also UV-ray resistant, which means it will maintain its color even when kept under the sun.

The Masterbuilt 40” Heavy Duty Grill Cover earns its heavy-duty title. It weighs more than 1 pound, making it very secure. It will not fly off in a gust of wind and leave your smoker unprotected. Also, with the heavy-duty stitching, this smoker will not come apart at the seams very easily.


  • It is made from high-quality water-repellent polyester.
  • Maintains its color even with sun exposure.
  • Heavy enough to not be blown off if unsecured.
  • Quality stitching protects the smoker cover from ripping.
  • Suitable for all 40” Masterbuilt electric smoker models.


  • It is only moderately waterproof.

Masterbuilt MB20080220 Series 560 Cover

Masterbuilt MB20080220 Series 560 Cover

The Masterbuilt MB20080220 is the first item on our list designed for charcoal smokers. It is shaped to accommodate the irregular shape of the Series 560 Masterbuilt grill and smoker. The cover’s double-stitched seams ensure that it does not rip as you fit it over the grooves of your charcoal smoker.

This cover’s opening is fitted with an elastic band with adjustable drawstrings. This ensures that the edge fits snugly around your smoker’s wheels. You can rest assured that the cover will not leave your smoker unprotected in case of strong winds. The interior of the cover is lined with PVC material to ensure that it does not rip when you put it on and take it off.

Additional weather-proofing is provided by the cover’s plastic construction. It keeps your smoker protected from rain and snow. UV-coating ensures that your smoker is safe from harmful sun rays.


  • It is made from moisture-resistant plastic.
  • An elastic band with drawstrings ensures the cover stays in place.
  • Internal PVC lining prevents the cover from ripping.
  • Double stitching ensures the longevity of the cover.
  • Suitable for both Series 560 grill and smoker.


  • It will fade with continuous sun exposure.

Masterbuilt MB20080318 40” Smoker Cover

Masterbuilt MB20080318 40” Smoker Cover

The Masterbuilt MB20080318 Cover is built to protect your propane or pellet-fueled smoker from the elements. It is suitable for Masterbuilt’s 40” tall smoker models, including MB20250118, MB20051316, MB20051416, and MB21250118. The cover will comprehensively cover the smoker and the propane gas cylinder beside it.

This smoker cover is made from strong plastic. The material will keep the smoker and its parts free from dust and any dirt when it is in storage. The weatherproof qualities of plastic also protect your smoker from rain and snow.

To keep it secure around your smoker, this cover has an elastic opening. Two drawstrings around the middle and bottom ensure that it remains cinched through all kinds of weather. In addition, the durable stitching on the seams guarantees you long-term use without the cover falling apart.


  • Fits the irregular shape of a gas smoker and the cylinder.
  • Cinch cords ensure your smoker remains covered even in strong winds.
  • Plastic construction protects smokers from rain and snow.
  • Double-stitched seams hold the cover together in all weather.
  • Suitable for a variety of Masterbuilt’s propane and pellet-fueled smokers.


  • Elastic drawstrings may loosen if continuously exposed to the sun.

Masterbuilt MB20080419 30” Smoker Cover

Masterbuilt MB20080419 30” Smoker Cover

The Masterbuilt MB20080419 Cover is another smoker cover designed for propane-fueled smokers. It can comfortably fit over a vertical smoker and a propane gas tank. It is also large enough for a 30” tall smoker.

This cover is made from polyester, a material that gives it weather-resistant properties. You can rest assured that your smoker is safe from rain, snow, and the sun when under this cover. It is especially useful in keeping a propane gas or pellet smoker free from dust when it is stored.

The middle of the cover and wide opening is lined with an elastic cord to ensure it remains secure. The ends of the chords can be cinched tight, so the cover does not fly away in winds.


  • They are designed to fit a variety of smokers and their gas tanks.
  • Weather-resistant to protect a smoker year-round.
  • Suitable for protecting smokers from the sun.
  • Features two cinch cords to properly secure it to the smoker.
  • Black color does not fade quickly.


  • It is not completely waterproof.

Masterbuilt 38” Smoker Cover

Masterbuilt 38” Smoker Cover

We close off our list of best Masterbuilt Smoker Covers with the Masterbuilt 38” Smoker Cover. This cover is designed for all Masterbuilt vertical smokers fueled by liquefied petroleum gas, including propane or butane gas. It will also fit vertical electric smokers that are around 38 inches tall.

The cover is made from polyester, making it properly weatherproof. It will keep all elements of your smoker protected from dust and other debris in-between uses. It is also able to protect your smoker from water and sun damage when the weather changes.

This is a low-maintenance cover that will last you a long time. A cinch cord at the bottom ensures it remains in place even in strong winds. A locking toggle lets you adjust it to fully cover your smoker as needed.


  • It is made from durable plastic.
  • Suitable for protecting your smoker all year round.
  • Fits a variety of Masterbuilt 38” tall vertical smokers.
  • Features cinching cords that ensure the smoker is always covered.
  • Cinching cords keep the cover secure around the smoker.


  • Will not cover the propane gas tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Do I Secure My Vertical Smoker Cover?

Answer: In case your smoker cover does not have cinch cords to keep it in place in case of winds, you should use bungee cords to secure it. Tie the cords around the middle and at the bottom so that the whole smoker is properly covered throughout.

You can also get more security by tying the bungee cords around a post or another stationary object to keep your smoker secure, even in extreme weather. If none of these is an option, tuck the ends of the cover underneath the wheels or feet of your smoker so that it remains put.

Question: Can I Keep the Cover on While Using the Smoker?

Answer: No. Smoker covers are often made from plastic or polyester material. Leaving it on your smoker as you cook will likely melt it or rip holes into your cover. If you want your smoker cover to last long, fold it aside before you light up your smoker. In the same vein, do not put the cover back on the smoker before the sides of the smoker completely cool off.

Question: How Do I Clean My Smoker Cover?

Answer: Use a cloth soaked in warm soapy water to wipe down any dirt or mud stuck to your smoker. Rinse the soap off with water, then hang the cover out to dry. While it will dry off faster in the sun, hanging it under a shed will reduce the rate of damage it would undergo from being under direct sunlight. This way, it will be dry when you move your smoker back to storage.

Which is the Best Masterbuilt Smoker Cover?

The Masterbuilt MB20080210 Smoker Cover is the best overall smoker cover on our list. It is tall enough to sufficiently cover smaller smokers and is not designed for a specific smoker model. However, its polyurethane coating that adds an extra layer of weather-proofing makes it the best smoker for all-weather protection.

You are assured of long-term use from this cover. If you have an irregularly shaped smoker, make your pick among the ones with enough space to cover a gas tank.

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