How to Find the Best Meat Mixer

If you are cooking foods like burgers, sausages, or other foods involving ground mince and seasoning, you need to make sure that your meat is mixed properly. You can do this by hand or with the help of a meat mixer.

Meat mixers come in all shapes and sizes; some are small enough to take on the go while others are big enough for industrial use. It’s important that you find the right type of mixer for your needs. Not every mixer will work well and it will often depend on what type of meat you’re mixing and how many pounds at a time.

As such, if you’re looking for a meat mixer, it can be difficult to find the best one for your budget. Many factors go into deciding which is the best option for you, which is why we’ve written this blog post!

We’ll talk about what meat mixers are and some things to consider when picking one out. We also have some suggestions on different types of mixers based on price ranges so that there’s something for everyone.

What Is a Meat Mixer?

What are meat mixers? Meat mixers are kitchen appliances that make it easy to blend or chop different types of meats. They can be used for many purposes, including making hamburgers, meatballs, and more.

A meat mixer is typically composed of a large, round bowl that sits on top of the base. The mixer is turned using a heavy-duty crank arm or, in some cases, mixers are automatic and this step is done by the machine. Depending on how fast you turn it and what types of meats are loaded into it, you can use your meat mixer to chop or blend your meats up until they’re smooth.

How Do Meat  Mixers Work?

There are many different kinds of meat mixers, each with unique features that set them apart. The basic design of a meat mixer consists of a heavy-duty base and a large round bowl that sits on top. The mixer has an attached crank arm which rotates in time with two rotating blades inside the bowl to chop or blend up any meats you load into it.

Meat mixers work by first feeding the meat into a hole in the top of the mixer’s bowl. As you turn it, the blades inside cut up and blend any meats that pass through them until they reach your desired consistency.

How to Pick Out a Good Meat mixer?

There are several things to consider when picking out an appropriate mixer for your home or business needs. Ask yourself:

  • What is my budget?
  • What type of foods will I be mixing with this mixer?
  • How big do I need my chopper/meat grinder to be (for capacity)?
  • Do I want countertop or more permanent installation options?
  • Will this appliance require electricity, or can it run on alternative power sources like gas cartridges or batteries?

The best way to find a great all-purpose meat mixer is to do your research upfront. If you have a specific type of food that you’re going for, try to find a product from our list that specializes in those foods! You also want to consider what type of budget and installation options are best suited for your needs and how much capacity you’ll need when making purchase decisions.

How Can I Tell If My Meat Mixer Will Meet All of My Kitchen Expectations?

Before buying any appliance or tool, it’s important to determine which features would be most beneficial based on the kind of work you intend to use them for.

Choosing the best kitchen appliance comes down to which features match up with your expectations. You can see some recommendations on good all-purpose mixers in our list below. These products were chosen because they’re versatile without being too specialized – you’ll be able to use them for many different purposes while still getting great results.

How to Use a Meat Mixer to Make a Burger

It’s important to have large chunks of lean beef when making hamburgers so they don’t turn out fatty. Start off by adding your diced onion into your mixing bowl along with salt and pepper for seasoning. Then add the meat, spices, seasonings, herbs as well as an egg and mix until everything is combined. This is where a meat mixer comes in seriously handy.

To check the consistency of your meat mixture, use a small spoon to drop it into some water. If it floats, you’re good and can proceed to add in breadcrumbs slowly until everything sticks together nicely.

Shape them into patties that are about an inch thick and place them on top of wax paper before placing them in the freezer for 20 minutes so they don’t fall apart when frying later on.

Burgers are just one of the types of food where meat mixers can be a real lifesaver. Other types of food include meatballs, sausages, and kebabs.

What Are the Different Types of Meat Mixers?

Different models are designed and structured differently depending on their brand. However, they’re generally all made in similar ways as well as being built from materials that won’t cause problems if used with raw meat (i.e., stainless steel).

Typically there will be two types of meat mixers to choose from: manual or electric.

Here’s a little more information about the two:

Electric Meat Mixer

Electric meat mixers work by placing all of the ingredients inside a case and then just plugging them in. They’re strong enough to turn your food into paste pretty quickly, which is perfect when you need things done fast and with little effort. Most electric appliances are only designed for countertop use, but there are some exceptions like those that come with gas cartridges or batteries as power sources instead. There are also some huge freestanding units, perfect for large catering establishments or butchers.

Manual Meat Mixer

A manual mixer requires an arm crank which mixes up everything until it turns into a paste-like consistency (or whatever else you want). While this can take more time than using an electric mixer, they tend to be smaller so these types of products often fit on the kitchen counter without taking up too much space. Some models can also be handheld which saves even more space. They are also much cheaper but, understandably, they take much more effort to use.

What Should You Look For in a Meat Mixer?

Since there are so many different varieties available, choosing a meat mixer isn’t always easy if you don’t know exactly what features will be important to you. There are many factors that go into choosing which type of meat mixer is going to be the best option including what you need it for and how much money you want to spend.

Here are a few top tips for choosing a meat mixer:

  • Blender or stand mixers can handle large amounts at once but they’re more expensive than hand ones.
  • Sausage stuffer attachments make great additions if your butcher doesn’t offer this service, although they may cost extra;
  • A food chopper won’t cut up meats as finely as knives do so minced beef typically isn’t a good choice unless you’re making something like patties or meatballs;
  • Some mixers come with multiple speeds while others only have one, so choose the best option for your needs.

Meat mixers usually come with several different features depending on which one you choose:

  • Some have larger bowls than others so they can handle more meats at once or fit bigger chunks inside without needing to cut them up first;
  • Blades rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise – pick whichever one works best with the way you turn your meat mixer;
  • Some come with several speeds so that they can be used for different purposes, such as chopping or blending.

It’s also worth considering what type of mixer would be best for your needs. There are many types of mixers based on what they’re meant to be used for:

  • Meat grinders work best with whole chunks of meats and fat in order to create sausage links and ground beef.
  • Food choppers mostly use their blades together rather than separately like food processors do which makes them perfect for mincing up veggies into salsa or pesto sauce. They may not handle large amounts well though due to limited capacity and lack of larger bowl options.
  • Stand mixers have a lot more power behind them compared to hand ones but require being plugged into an outlet in order to work.

Here are some things we think everyone should consider when picking out their first (or next) meat mixer:


First off, price matters! There’s no sense in spending lots of money on something that you’re not going to use often which is why it’s important to consider what type of meat mixer will work best for your needs and then choose the one with the most suitable price range. Some mixers have extra features so they can cost a little more, while others are very simple but still do their job well – keep this in mind when deciding how much money you want to spend.

Specialized vs Versatile

You’ll also need to think about whether or not you’d prefer a meat mixer that does just one thing really well compared to getting several different options all at once. Some people only plan on using their mixer for certain purposes such as making hamburgers or sausage links, so they don’t necessarily need one that comes with lots of extra features.


Size is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a meat mixer. Make sure the machine is big enough to fit whatever you plan on using it for, but also small and lightweight that it doesn’t take up the entire kitchen space, and it can potentially be moved easily if need be.

If the mixer is too bulky then it won’t be very easy to store when not in use either. So try finding one that will easily slide into a cupboard or drawer while still being large enough to make your meats without having any problems.


As well as the size of the actual machine, you’ll also need to think about how much meat you can fit inside it. Some mixers come with larger bowls than others so they can handle more meats at once. Or you may be able to purchase extra attachments that will allow you to make even more.

If your mixer doesn’t have a very large capacity then it won’t work for making large batches of burgers, meatloaf, and other such things, which is why this is another important factor to consider before buying the best meat mixer for your needs. Of course, if your mixer is just for home use and you don’t need a large capacity, then going for a smaller one will certainly make it a cheaper, easier purchase.

Extra Features

There are lots of different accessories available depending on what type of mixer you decide to get. Some come with sausage stuffer parts while others don’t but still offer food chopper blades instead. So think about what types of additional tools might be useful before choosing one based only on its price and size.

Speed Options

Some mixers offer more than a one-speed option so the user can choose which works best depending on what they’re using it for. However, others don’t come with any choices at all and are only meant to be used a certain way. So keep this in mind when deciding whether or not you need an extra choice of speeds before buying your meat mixer.

Ease of Use

One last thing that’s definitely worth thinking about is how easy it’ll be to actually operate. Do you need a lot of buttons and dials to control it or would something with fewer options be better? Will its size make it easier for you to hold onto while still being able to easily move the mixer up and down if needed? Think about how easy all these factors will work together before choosing one.


Efficiency is another thing to consider when looking for the best meat mixer. Some mixers are able to work their way through any type or amount of meats while others can only handle a certain size. So you’ll need to figure out what types and sizes your meat will be before buying one that might not work as well with them.

Of course, it’s not just operational efficiency you’ll need to think about, Energy efficiency is also going to be an important factor if your machine is electric. This will dictate how much money it costs to operate in the long run.

Safety Features

Some meat mixers come with safety features to help keep the user safe while using them. For example, some have a lock that prevents them from working unless all parts are properly locked into place and others may even include handguards for extra protection during use. So think about what types of special features you might need before buying a meat mixer.

Ease of Cleaning

Plus, think about health and safety too. You’ll need to at least make sure everything is easy enough to take apart and clean. Since this piece of kitchen equipment will commonly be used with raw meat, it’s important to consider the ease of cleaning before buying one.

Some mixers will come apart in a way that makes it easy to get inside and clean every part thoroughly while others may have spots where food gets stuck easily if not cleaned properly which can cause problems later on down the road. This will mean that bacteria won’t build up inside your mixer over time which can cause problems and potentially make people ill, so keep this in mind when looking for your best meat mixer.

Material and Construction

You’ll want to think about the material and construction of your mixer. Is it made from safe materials that won’t cause problems if used with raw meat? Are all parts easy enough to clean and maintain so bacteria doesn’t build up inside over time which can lead to cross-contamination? Think about these factors before deciding on one based only on size or price since they’re both important as well.


Lastly, a warranty is something else to consider. If your mixer breaks or stops working for any reason, you’ll want it to be covered under a warranty so that you can get it replaced without spending even more money. This means looking at what type of warranty comes with each product before buying.

My Top Meat Mixer Recommendations

We chose these meat mixers based on affordability, availability, and positive customer reviews.

Weston Stainless Steel Meat Mixer, 44-Pound Capacity

Made from commercial grade stainless steel, this meat mixer is durable and easy to clean. It has a 44-pound capacity so you can mix enough meat for multiple dishes at once, reducing time spent in the kitchen on meal prep.

The removable paddles make it simple to get your ground beef ready with little effort or fuss because they are dishwasher safe. This meat mixer also comes with a clear plastic cover with a handy spice slot that allows you to add any seasoning or spices directly into the mixer before mixing your meat.

The 4 rubber feet won’t damage counters, create unnecessary noise, or slide about while you’re using it. Its compact design meant it won’t take up too much room on your kitchen counter.

Lastly, although the meat mixer alone is manual, you can attach it to one of Weston’s high-quality meat grinders to turn it into an electric machine.


  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Has a large 44-pound capacity so it can mix enough for multiple dishes at once reducing time spent in the kitchen on meal prep
  • The removable paddles are dishwasher safe making them easy to clean
  • The handy spice slot allows you to add any seasoning or spices directly into the mixer
  • Doesn’t take up too much room on your kitchen counter due to its compact design


  • You’ll need an existing meat grinder to make it electric

LEM Product 654 Stainless Steel Manual Meat Mixer

This meat mixer by LEM is my top recommendation for budget-conscious but quality-seeking individuals. It’s stainless steel and easy to clean which means it will stand up well over time without rusting or becoming damaged easily.

It’s manual which means there are no batteries or electricity required – just a simple turn of the handle to mix your meat and get it ready for use in whatever you’re making. Plus, it can mix the meat in just minutes, ideal for saving time in a busy kitchen.

It’s got an 11″ x 11″ tub size so it’s perfect for most uses without being too large that it becomes difficult to store. It also has four stainless steel paddles that are easy to remove and clean when needed.

The included plexiglass cover helps you avoid getting meat everywhere while mixing since it keeps the lid on tight without needing manual pressure which can be time-consuming in addition to being difficult for some. 4 mixing paddles and a two-year warranty is also included in the price.


  • The stainless steel construction is durable and easy to clean
  • Includes a plexiglass cover for convenience
  • Budget price tag but high-quality overall
  • Can be permanently mounted to save space


  • The turning arm can be stiff

CHEFTRONIC 4 In 1 Multifunction Kitchen Stand Mixer

This stylish mixer by Cheftronic is great for time-pressed, experienced cooks who need a little extra in their kitchen. It can be used for multiple tasks including cooking and mixing to save time while getting more done in the day. It also makes a great meat mixer.

It has an LCD display that lets you choose your own settings so it’s perfect for anyone looking to experiment with different foods or recipes without being limited by preselected cooking settings.

The stainless steel construction is easy to clean and won’t rust or wear down over time like other materials might. It also comes with multiple attachments for different tasks including a meat grinder, sausage stuffer, juice blender, flat beater, and wire whip – all designed to make your life easier in the kitchen.

The included sausage stuffer means that, as soon as the pork is properly combined, you can also make delicious sausages instantly. The bowl has a handle for easy transportation and can comfortably hold 16 eggs and 1500g of flour. Lastly, the powerful 1000w motor and 10 optimized speeds (including a pulse function) will give chefs a wide range of possibilities and plenty of delicious dishes they can make.


  • LCD display provides options, perfect for anyone who needs more control over their cooking or mixing
  • Multiple attachments it very versatile in the kitchen
  • Stainless steel is durable without rusting and is easy to clean
  • Powerful 1000-watt motor


  • The display can be hard to read at a glance
  • Pricier than other models

Aifeel Stand Mixer 7L 1000W, 8 in 1 Multifunctional Kitchen Mixer with Meat Grinder

Created to be a top ally in your kitchen, this mixer by Aifeel is a perfect choice for meat recipes. With a powerful 1000 watt motor, it is easy to use in order to make delicious meals with ease and speed up your cooking process while keeping messes at bay.

This mixer comes with many useful accessories such as a meat grinder, blender, dough hook, whisker, pasta roller, and sausage making kit. It’s multifunctional and can be used to make many different types of dishes.

When it comes to safety this machine is also excellent. With a temperature sensor chip built-in, this mixer is also very safe and will shut off when it senses that the machine might be overheating. This mixer also comes with four anti-slip silicone suction cups that will keep it steady on your countertop while you are working.

With a large capacity of up to seven liters, this mixer can hole plenty of ingredients – great for home or smaller commercial organizations. It is also very easy to clean as well with its stainless steel body being dishwasher safe. Also, taking care of your appliance has never been easier thanks to the tilt-head design which allows you to change the attachments with ease and participate in a mess-free cooking experience.

The Aifeel Stand Mixer is perfect for anyone who loves to cook meat recipes as well as ones that enjoy more traditional ones. With its powerful motor and easy-to-use design, this mixer is a must-have for any kitchen.


  • It comes with a very powerful 1000 watt motor which makes it suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • The design is sharp and stylish
  • It has a large capacity of up to seven liters
  • The machine is very safe and shuts off when it senses that the motor might be overheating
  • Very efficient A+++ energy rating


  • It might be too small for some commercial kitchens

Top Meat Mixer FAQs:

Question: What can you prepare with a meat mixer?

Answer: A meat mixer can help you prepare all sorts of dishes including hamburgers, meatballs, and sausages. In fact, any dish where you need to combine a number of ingredients with meat can be made using a meat mixer.

Question: Do you need a meat mixer to make sausage?

Answer: No, you don’t need one. Some people like to use sausage makers but that isn’t necessary as well since it can be made by hand just fine. Nonetheless, in order to properly mix the ingredients together, a meat mixer will be needed.

Question: How does a meat mixer work?

Answer: In order to use a meat mixer, you will need to turn it on and choose the attachment that needs to be used depending on what type of dish is being made. Once this has been done, all you have to do is add your ingredients into the bowl before turning up the speed.

Question: What are good accessories to get with a meat mixer?

Answer: Some meat mixers come with several different accessories. Those that specialize in making sausage may also have things like funnels or tubes which can make it easier to prepare the meat for stuffing. Some even come with burger presses.

Question: What is the best way to clean my meat mixer?

Answer: The best way to clean a meat mixer would be with disinfectant, soap, and water while making sure that it does not get wet inside or near any electrical components. In order to avoid rusting, make sure that you dry it immediately after cleaning as well.

Question: How do you mix sausage meat?

Answer: The best way to mix sausage meat would be by using a food processor or a meat mixer. In order to prepare the ingredients, you will need to add in your vegetables and spices before mixing them together. While some people like making sausages with their hands, this is often difficult as well since you may not get all of the ingredients mixed together properly.

Question: Do you need a special meat mixer to make sausage?

Answer: No, it isn’t necessary to have a separate machine for making sausages as long as you are using the right attachment with your food mixer or meat mixers that come with their own appliances such as some of those above. A great way to get started would be with a food mixer like the ones above.

Question: What are some good meat mixer alternatives?

Answer: A food mixer can be a great alternative to a meat mixer since it is possible to make sausages with one as well. Some people like using their hands instead but this can take up quite a bit of time and energy depending on how much sausage you need to prepare at once. It can also make your hands very cold. So using a food mixer, like the ones above, can be a great way to achieve the perfect mixed meat without any hassle.

Question: How much does a meat mixer cost?

Answer: A meat mixer can vary in price depending on the brand and what features it has. In general, however, most of them are relatively reasonably priced when compared to other kitchen appliances. On average, they can range from between $40 to $600 depending on the brand. Some professional catering ones will even cost more than this.

Question: What is the life expectancy of a meat mixer?

Answer: The life expectancy of a meat mixer will vary depending on how often it is used. If you use the machine on a regular basis, then it won’t last as long as if you were to use it once a month. However, on average, a meat mixer will last you between 6-10 years.


Overall, if you are looking to purchase a meat mixer, there are quite a few things that you will need to take into consideration. You will want to think about how often it is going to be used and what kind of attachments or extras the machine comes with. This way, you can make sure that your new appliance is worth the cost before making any purchases.

It’s also important not only to consider how much it costs but what life expectancy they have as well so always remembered this when shopping around for kitchen appliances like mixers.

We hope this article has answered your question about how to find the best meat mixers and provided you with some good references for different mixer options depending on what your needs are. Happy mixing!

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