How to Find the Best Meat Saw: 10 High-Quality Options

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Bone saws are also known as meat/folding saws. They come with foldable blades, shaped to make it easy for you to cut through things like meat, wood, and plastics, among other things. There are so many instances that one would require to use a meat saw.

Even though this product bears the name meat saw, it stretches far beyond cutting your meat. We have highlighted some of the best meat saw products available in the market for your review. The products were a result of thorough research from online meat stores, meat fans, and meat forums. From such platforms, we were able to get information from buyers and users of meat saws. This is how we were able to know the best meat saws in the market and how to get one.

Take time and peruse through before you plan on gifting yourself with one of the best meat saws. Let’s get started!

Our Top Meat Saw Picks

From our research, we were able to cover the best products in various categories. You can get options such as the best durable, folding, or overall meat saw from our list below. We chose them based on availability, affordability, and positive customer reviews. Check them out to find the meat saw that meets your needs.

Bahco 396 Laplander: Best Folding Saw

Bahco 396 Laplander: Best Folding Saw

Are you looking for a foldable saw that requires little maintenance to remain sharp? Bahco saw is very sharp and ready to go as soon as you take it out of the shipping box. What you need is just a little lubricant after every use to keep it up and running efficiently.

If you want to cut meat, start by wiping the blades with cooking oil. After use, ensure that it remains completely dry. This saw is designed and built to make it easy for anyone to cut materials like wood, plastic, and thick chunks of meat.

This is the best saw for an outdoor setting, as it saws through game meats with ease. Bahco Laplander is capable of comfortably cutting through 2 to 3-inch thick limbs. However, you find that it’s most useful for the ability to not get stuck when in the process of cutting meat.

This meat saw comes with blades fitted at an angle that allows you to cut when pushing and pulling. One of the unique features of the Bahco saw is its firm rubber grip along with the handle. It stays firm in your hand, making your cutting experience a smooth one.

Despite being a good cutting tool, this saw also features some drawbacks. For starters, it lacks reflective markings making it easy to get lost in a dark outdoor environment. Some people have reported that it may get loose when it’s folded.


  • Smooth cutting
  • Firm rubber grip
  • Budget-friendly
  • Best for an outdoor setting
  • Very sharp


  • The blade can become loose when folded
  • Lacks reflective markings

Havalon Baracuta: Best Meat Saw

Do you want a meat saw with one of the best locking mechanisms? Look no further! Havalon Baracuta is the best among the best. Its performance is beyond comparison to some models that become sporadically stuck during operation.

Cutting using this saw is smooth and easy. You only need to hold down the handle and the blunt side of the blade. The saw will slice through your meat or tree limb. That said, Havalon almost moves with the efficiency of a butcher’s band saw.

Since it’s handheld, there is no leftover meat dust to wipe up from the meat once you are done. When you look at this meat saw, you will notice that the bracket pins protrude towards the blade. This is the area that touches your meat.

Such a design makes it a little bit tricky for you to cut through thick portions without the bracket distracting you. However, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, provided you do a little angling practice.


  • High-quality locking mechanism
  • Requires little effort to cut
  • Durable
  • Very strong
  • Doesn’t get stuck during operation


  • Large bracket pins may obstruct deep cuts
  • Not-budget friendly

Gerber Vital Pack 31-002741: Best Durable Saw

Gerber Vital Pack 31-002741: Best Durable Saw

Gerber, a famous brand for making durable and high-quality cutting products, makes meat saws built to last for many years. The Vital Pack is a good example of the integrity of Gerber saws. It features one of the best handles for getting through the most rigid meat.

If you are a big fan of game meat, this is always the best saw to have in your possession. It simplifies the task of getting through the toughest parts of any animal that you may catch. The blade has a length of approximately 9 inches, with a 5-inch span on the handle.

You can comfortably grasp it with the blade portion underneath your index finger. Even though it may not look as such in photos, this saw can easily fit into most pockets without an issue. However, if you prefer to have it outside your clothing, it comes with a holder that fits your belt buckle.

Mostly, dirt seems to cling to the handle, which means that you need to spend some time cleaning it. All in all, we can say that Gerber Vital Pack offers you everything that a hunter may require to make quick meat cuts.


  • Small enough to fit in belts and tactical vests
  • Orange handle great for dark environments
  • Can slice through meat like a butcher’s band saw
  • Budget-friendly
  • Best for hunting


  • Dirt easily clings to the handle
  • Not easy to clean

Home Planet Gear: Best Folding Hand Saw

The Home Planet Gear Folding saw has a strong sawing blade that pivots back and locks into place after you finish cutting. The blade measures approximately 9-inches, starting from the base of the handle. It passes through your meat quickly, leaving behind little residue.

This saw weighs about 10 ounces and feels light in your hand. If you have experienced a hard time with slippery handles before, rest assured that the Home Planet Gear doesn’t have such a setback.

All the blades come angled in one direction – slanted at a 45-degree angle. Based on your wrist movement, you can turn, twist and cut through cartilage with precision. With this saw, moving during cuts is easy. The handle stays in your hands even if you are cutting without gloves.

When not in use, its gear lock closes completely, leaving the blades covered. You won’t run the risk of cutting yourself from the blade’s protrusion. This has been a problem people have experienced with some meat saws.

If you want to increase the lifespan of your saw, it’s good to oil it periodically, mainly along the bracket. This also makes it easier for you to open the meat saw if need be. The only setback with this model is that when it’s open the blade has a propensity of locking, making it difficult to close.


  • Cuts through vegetation/dense meat fast
  • The bracket doesn’t distract during cutting
  • Non-slippery handle
  • Budget-friendly
  • Gear lock closes when not in use


  • The blade might lock when it’s open
  • Not easy to clean

LEM Products 640 16″: Best Black Handle Meat Saw

LEM Products 640 16

If you want a unique saw from the others, then the LEM products meat saw should be considered. For starters, you notice it’s shaped a bit differently. It measures 16 inches from the tip to the bottom of the handle. Although it may look perfect for hunting, we recommend it for people that want to cut tough meat at home (whether game or store-bought).

Before using this saw, ensure that its blade’s teeth are fastened to the tightening lever properly. If you fail to do that, you will find it difficult to cut when you pull back the saw using the handle. You can also use the tightening lever to replace an old blade.

This saw comes with a firm handle that does not easily slip as you cut. If you leave the blades wet, rusting may occur. This is not something unique to this product as other saws experience the same drawback. On the upside, it is designed in a way that the blade is protected from moisture during storage.


  • Cuts frozen meat easily
  • It comes with a tightening lever
  • Non-slippery handle
  • Easy to replace an old blade
  • Best for cutting tough meat at home


  • If not properly stored, it can rust
  • Not budget-friendly

Weston Butcher: Best Corrosion-Resistant Frame Saw

Are you looking for a meat saw with a ring handle? Weston Butcher saw is one of a kind. The ring handle creates excellent momentum, leverage, and many strokes per minute when sawing through a bone.

This meat saw comes with a stainless steel blade. It makes the handle resistant to high impacts ensuring that it doesn’t break or crack. A broken handle can be a challenge to use, just like a broken blade.

The blade length is approximated at around 22 inches, making it the longest on our list. This means that you require a lot of force behind the push and pull of the blade for maximum leverage.

Even if this boning saw is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, it still offers you a lot. Features such as the blade length and materials used to manufacture it make it a good investment.


  • It comes with a ring handle
  • Features a stainless steel blade
  • Has an incredible blade length
  • Corrosion-resistant frame
  • The handle features impact-resistant materials


  • Loose tension
  • Not budget-friendly

Satterlee: Best Affordable Meat Saw

Anytime you think of a bone saw, Satterlee is likely to cross your mind. Right? Do you want a meat saw that you can use with larger game? Look no further. Satterlee has a sizeable length ideal for cutting tough beef. It also comes with a sturdy ring grip.

One of the good things about this saw is that it has a decent classic look. Note that it also has numerous capabilities. This is the ideal saw to use if you often cut through meat from big game.


  • It comes with a sturdy ring grip
  • Durable material
  • Best for larger game
  • Decent classic look
  • Affordable
  • Sizable length


  • At times, the blade can bow
  • Requires much effort to drive the blade through the meat

Mossy Oak: Best Teeny Mini Meat Saw

Mossy Oak: Best Teeny Mini Meat Saw

Mossy Oak is best for those who want a small, compact, and portable meat saw. It comes with a belt loop carrying case that makes it easy for you to carry around. For leverage and safety, it features a blunted tip and a T-grip.

Just as the name suggests, this mini saw is best for smaller games. It’s light for quick and easy use. Note that it has multiple benefits if you need something that can help you out in a pinch. You can comfortably use it on some reasonably sized tree branches. However, it’s best for small animal’s pelvic bones.

Looking at the price point, this saw is affordable. Despite being small, it comes with its storage. This meat saw is not only user-friendly, but it’s also easy to transport.


  • Easy to store
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Carrying case
  • Made from durable material


  • Less fine-tooth finish
  • Not ideal for large animals

SOG F11BN-CP: Best Versatile Meat Saw

SOG F11BN-CP: Best Versatile Meat Saw

If you are an active hunter, you must know that you don’t always have to carry large items. Whether it’s due to a shortage of space or lack of proper packing, having a large saw is not convenient. That’s why SOG has created a model that gets your job done without missing a beat.

Consider the power that it comes with and overlook the size. This saw has 2 versatile, sharp blades that feature deep gullets and teeth configurations that cut in pull and push motion strokes. Keep in mind that it has sharp teeth that work in tandem to effectively cut through thick bones.

SOG also features a rugged handle that has a firm grip. One of the exciting features of this saw is that it can lock when not in use. This gives you an extra dose of security.

Additionally, you can cut any object like butter in whichever way you want. One may think that because this saw has 2 blades, it’s on the expensive side. However, that’s not the case. It’s a pretty cost-effective product with decent quality.


  • Features 2 versatile, sharp blades
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Saw locks when not in use
  • Portable


  • Blades are prone to rust
  • Easy to cut yourself

EverSaw 8.0: Best Portable Meat Saw

EverSaw 8.0: Best Portable Meat Saw

Are you looking for a meat saw that is ideal for wood, PVC, and smaller game bones? EverSaw is a smaller-sized saw best for portable use on a variety of materials. It’s suitable for campers and hunters. You should note that it’s also highly versatile.

It comes with a triple razor 3-D cut on the blade, which makes it incredibly rugged. EverSaw has fine and sturdy teeth to get through most materials quickly and easily. Compared to other meat saws on our list, this saw is considered a mid-priced product.

One of the features that make this product a big sell-out is its friction-resistant design. It helps improve the handle’s grip. However, one of the setbacks with this model is that the blade can dull easily.


  • Awesome grip
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • It has a perfect friction-resistant design
  • It comes with a triple 3-D cut on the blade
  • Features fine and sturdy teeth
  • Highly versatile


  • The blade can dull easily
  • Easy-to-rust blades

Meat Saw Buying Guide

Based on the fact that a meat saw is a cutting device, there are some qualities you should look for. Generally, we are speaking of strong blade sharpness, good handling, and decent construction.

You find that checking for these qualities online without physical access to the meat saw is quite challenging. As a result, we have provided you with some methods that you can apply to ensure that you get the best quality meat saw.


The majority of meat saws have handles made of either rubber, plastic, or nylon. What matters most is the ribbed texture along the region where your palms hold it. Some maintain an extended steel piece that connects to the handle, while others are fastened with bracket pins.

Even though most decent meat saws fold, this is not always the standard. When it comes to users with large hands, using a knife handle leaves the thumbs directly underneath the blade steel portion.

Users with large hands can work with large meat saws. However, you notice that the handles on most meat saws have more or less similar measurements. You should consider a rubber or any other handle material when using a bone saw without gloves. Such are good choices because they can resist moisture better than a completely smooth surface.


Amazingly, most meat saw blades vary. Some models are banded. This means you can fasten them to a lever allowing for replacement once it becomes dull. For those buyers that cut lots of frozen items or those with moisture, these blades are highly recommended.

These blades will need to be changed more frequently compared to the others because moisture causes rust. Next is the reciprocating blade. Such types enable you to achieve a cut while pushing and pulling the handle. They are best for meat that contains lots of dense meat matter – for example, beef and dear.

Weight and Size

For those meat saws without removable blades, their ideal weight ranges between 5 and 15 ounces. The lighter your saw, the better.

Comfort and Design

Most meat saws can fold. This makes it easy for you to place it in your pocket without any risk of cutting yourself. Everything revolves around the handle. If the handle lacks a good grip, then you risk losing a few ounces or fingers from your body.

If you are butchering a large animal, look for a saw with a large handle. Remember that you also need to have a secondary saw that is a bit smaller for cutting meats that are difficult to reach.

Construction Quality

Meat saw construction quality varies from one product to the other. If you purchase a low-quality foldable saw, you will probably find yourself tightening the brackets frequently. Most of these products begin to dull after a few cutting sessions when they lack proper lubrication. Good lubrication makes all saw types last longer.

Purposes Use

You can use a meat saw to do several things. Some buyers don’t use them for meat at all. Apart from cutting game meat, they are also useful cutting appliances for small tree limbs. Some people use them to fell trees, especially the longer meat saws. However, they are primarily used to butcher meat, whether freshly slaughtered or frozen.

Handling and Maintenance

When it comes to handling a meat saw, it’s usually a bit different than cutting using a standard saw. You will get a good slice off with every stroke with most meat saws. Meaning that every time you pull or push the handle, the saw cuts through your meat.

Even if you don’t use safety gloves, most handles are strong. This means your hand gets a firm grip. However, it’s always good that you protect your hands for safety purposes. If you want to keep your meat saw in top shape, ensure that you lubricate the blade frequently.

This helps prevent the development of unwanted rust. After cutting frozen meat or anything with moisture, ensure that you dry the blades before storage.

Meat Saw FAQs

Question: How Can I Prevent My Meat Saw From Rusting?

Answer: If there is something that you need to prevent getting into your meat saw, it’s rust. Once your tool develops rust, it isn’t easy to have problems with the blade including breakage. Make sure that you lubricate meat saws used mostly on food with something non-toxic oils like olive oil.

Avoid placing your meat saw in a leather sheath if you live in a wet environment. Instead, ensure that you wrap it with a clean cloth and keep it in a dry place like the top of a kitchen cabinet.

Question: Apart From Cutting Meat, Which Other Tasks Can Meat Saws Perform?

Answer: Apart from meat saws being a great way to saw off small parts of a tree to build campfires, they are also fantastic cutting tools for wood and tree limbs. Avoid cutting meat with the same saw that you used to saw off other objects. This is the case when you lubricate it with a toxic substance like WD-40.

Question: What Is The Lifespan Of A Meat Saw?

Answer: When a meat saw is appropriately taken care of, it can last you for 5 – 10 years. What you need to do is only to oil down your brackets as much as you can, then tighten them with a hammer in case the folding mechanism is done with a rivet.

Use a Phillips flathead screwdriver, if there is a screw. This ensures you keep the handle from becoming too loose.

Question: Are Most Meat Saws Made For Right Or Left-Handed People?

Answer: Even though you can still find meat saws suited for left-handed people in the market, most of them slightly favor right-handed users. However, most people can’t tell the difference. Meat saws are not scissors, which means variances between holding one with the right or left hand are not important.

Question: Is It Possible To Sharpen A Meat Saw Blade?

Answer: Yes, it is! If you want to sharpen your meat saw blade, you need a tapering file. Use the instructions that came with the file to sharpen the blade. Alternatively, get a YouTube video with information on how to sharpen your specific meat saw.

You will need to place your saw on a gear clamp or a wooden block to prevent movement. After sharpening your teeth, make sure that you wipe the excess bits of steel/rust with sandpaper. Clean your blade using a damp cloth. Then finish by wiping with a recommended lubricant.


If you are looking for a versatile saw, then the SOG F11BN-CP is the best option. It has various features you can use for various purposes. Do you live in a wet environment? The Weston Butcher is the best meat saw for such places. The rest of the meat saws in our list have been classified to help you with your purchasing decision.

Although our top picks are the best in the market, some people may not find what they need. If this is the case, use our buying guide to help you with your decision. It is exhaustive and covers everything you need to know when purchasing a meat saw.

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