Southern Pride Gas Smoker Review and Guide

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Are you looking for a high-quality gas smoker? Gas smokers use liquid propane gas as a fuel for cooking their meat. In this article, we will look at the Southern Pride gas smoker, which are some of the most robust smokers that you can find.

Southern Pride is a traditional manufacturer of commercial smokers. In addition, it produces gas and mobile smokers. These high-tech smokers are meant mostly for restaurants, BBQ catering, competitions, and tailgating events. You can find their smokers in many famous restaurants such as Smoky Bones, County Line, Famous Dave’s, and Sweet Baby Ray’s.

In this guide, we will review the Southern Pride MLR-150, one of their smaller models. Then, we will show you the main features and functions of this smoker and mention a few alternatives if this smoker is not the one for you.

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First, let’s look at its main specifications:

Key specifications of the Southern Pride Gas Smoker

Type of Smoker Gas
Dimensions/weight 39 1/4″w x 57 5/8″d x 63 1/2″h; 656 Pounds
Power Source Liquid Propane
Cooking Area 2640 square inches
Burner 65,000 BTU (19KW)
Control Digital
Temperature 140° to 325°F
Price Click here for the latest price

Core features of the Southern Pride Gas Smoker

Southern Pride

The Southern Pride gas smoker is a commercial-grade smoker for business, competitions, and BBQ catering events. Let’s take a closer look at its performance and the most significant features it offers:

Construction and design

The Pit Boss electric smoker measures 39 x 57 x 63 inches. Despite being one of the smallest units, it is relatively heavy with a weight of 656 pounds. The entire body of the smoker (both the interior and exterior) is made out of type 304 stainless steel. This material is very durable, as well as easy to clean and sanitize. In addition, this smoker has a nice-looking metallic appearance.

The rotisserie has four hangers with three cooking racks per hanger. Each rack measures 10 x 22 inches. This gives you a total cooking area of 2640 square inches. This is enough space to hold 48 chicken or 8 beef briskets. The racks are made of nickel chrome and can be upgraded to stainless steel.

The racks rotate slowly inside the smoker. This motion promotes heat transfer inside the smoker and allows the food to be cooked more evenly. You can rotate the racks with the doors open by using a foot pedal.

The Southern Pride gas smoker comes with a 65,000 BTU burner that heats the smoker cabinet and ignites the wood logs inside in the firebox. A convection fan draws smoke from the firebox and circulates it inside the cabinet. This heating system has been carefully designed to increase heat efficiency and reduce wood usage.

This device comes with a modern digital thermostat. This feature allows you to select a cooking temperature between 140° to 325°F. It has been designed to maintain a constant temperature during the cooking cycle. The temperature control in this smoker is very precise, and you can count on a stable heat output while you use it.

The control panel includes interesting features, such as a programmable digital cook and a hold control panel. This allows the user to program cooking cycles by time. For example, you can program the smoker to cool down or shut off automatically once a certain temperature has been achieved. The control panel can also be locked to prevent tampering with the settings.

Each door has a glass window that allows you to see the inside of the smoker without opening the door. You can comfortably check the progress as you cook the food. There is a switch on the control panel that turns on the inside light without opening the door.

A convection fan access door allows you to access and clean the convection fan blade from the outside. This feature helps improve the airflow inside the smoker and prevents the convection fan motor from failing.

There is a valve to drain grease on the bottom part of the smoker, which facilitates cleaning. The grease draining unit is near the heater to prevent grease from blocking the valve when it hardens.

As an optional feature, this unit includes a smoke extractor damper which automatically activates when the doors are opened and helps evacuate the smoke from the device.

Smoked fish can be a delicious meal to prepare for your smoker. If you want information on preparing smoked halibut, feel free to check our smoked chuck guide.

Functions and controls

South Pride Smoker

The Southern Pride gas smoker is a commercial smoker and, as such, is quite large and heavy compared to a smoker meant for domestic use. You will need a forklift to remove the smoker from the delivery truck and install the smoker’s permanent legs.

You will also need a qualified technician to install the smoker and the gas piping. Finally, make sure to place the smoker in a well-ventilated area that allows easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

The operation of the smoker is a relatively simple process. Follow these steps to use the gas smoker:

  1. Place the food inside the smoker and close the product doors. After the food is loaded on the racks, step on the foot pedal and allow the rotisserie to make one complete revolution. The racks should rotate flat and level.
  2. Place two or three logs of wood inside the firebox and close the firebox door.
  3. Make sure that the drain valve is completely closed.
  4. Adjust the desired temperature in the control settings and begin smoking the food. A good temperature range for smoking is from 220°F to 250°F.
  5. Once the cooking cycle is complete, turn off the control.
  6. Remove the food from the smoker.
  7. Remove the ashes from the firebox and dispose of them in an appropriate recipient.
  8. Make sure to drain the residual grease from the cabinet.

The main way to control the Southern Pride gas smoker is through the digital thermostat located in the control panel. To adjust the cooking setting, turn the power switch on. The control thermostat will display the initial temperature. You can use the up/down button on the control thermostat to set the temperature you desire.

After you have finished smoking the food, press the DOWN button on the control panel until “OFF” is shown in the LED. This will turn off the gas burner


Staying safe while using this smoker is not complicated. However, here are a few things to keep in mind to stay safe while using this device:

  • Never use the smoker in an enclosed area such as a garage, shed, or breezeway. Also, do not use the smoker under an overhead combustible construction.
  • If you store the smoker indoors, detach the liquid propane cylinders and leave them outside in a well-ventilated area away from heat sources.
  • Do not touch hot surfaces directly. Instead, use protective gloves or long kitchen tools for this purpose.
  • After a longer storage period, you should check the smoker for gas leaks and obstructions before using it.
  • Make sure to keep the electrical supply cord and away from hot surfaces.
  • Use wheel chocks when the smoker is stationary.
  • Secure the gas cylinders using the included cylinder retention system to avoid accidental movement.
  • Make sure to remove all residual coals and ashes before loading fresh wood into the firebox. Use heat-resistant gloves for ash removal.
  • Do not overfill the firebox. Too much wood can cause the smoker to overheat.
  • Do not attempt to light the burner manually.
  • Check for gas leaks before each use. You can use a commercial gas leak detector solution for this purpose.


Southern Pride is a reputable manufacturer known for its high-quality commercial-grade machines. Many famous restaurants use southern pride smokers due to their durability and consistency of use. This stainless-steel smoker will give you decades of good performance.

Southern Pride offers a warranty of one year from installation to fifteen months from the shipping date for your peace of mind.


This is a sturdy and heavy smoker aimed at restaurants and businesses. It also requires the assistance of a qualified technician for the installation of the machine. For these reasons, it can be somewhat expensive. For the latest price, click  here.

Pros of the Southern Pride Gas Smoker

Southern Pride Smoker

Let’s summarize the main assets of this gas smoker:

Stainless-steel construction

The Southern Pride gas smoker is made of type 304 stainless steel, which is a very resistant and durable material. This material will retard rust and make the machine easy to sanitize.

Ample cooking space

This is a relatively big commercial smoker with ample space for meat. You get a total of 2640 square inches of space, which is enough to cook 48 chicken or 8 beef briskets.

Even temperature distribution

The design of this smoker includes a convection fan that draws heat from the firebox and evenly distributes it inside the cabinet. This improves the heat transfer inside the smoker and reduces wood usage.

Programmable control panel

The control panel can be programmed to shut off once the cooking time has been achieved. With this useful function, you don’t need to worry about overcooking your food.

Smoke extractor

The smoker can include a smoke extractor that automatically extracts the smoke when you open the doors.

Cons of the Southern Pride Gas Smoker

Laborious installation.

The installation of this device can be complex and needs to be performed by a qualified technician.


This smoker is relatively heavy. Therefore, you need access to a forklift to unpack and install this machine.

Are there any alternatives?

If the Southern Pride gas smoker is not what you are looking for, here are some alternatives that you might want to consider

Dyna-Glo Vertical LP Gas Smoker

Dyna Glo

If you are interested in a cheaper option, the Dyna-Glo Vertical LP Gas Smoker can be the right choice for you. This is a smaller smoker, measuring 27 x 19.2 x 46.46 inches. It includes 4 adjustable wire racks with a total of 784 square inches of cooking area. It also has a large water bowl and wood chip box that will offer you many hours of maintenance-free cooking.

This smoker comes with an electronic ignition button and a 15,000 BTU burner. The convenient double door system lets you add more wood chips without opening the cooking chamber.

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24″ Vertical Smoker

Camp Chef

This smoker is a portable machine designed for outdoor use. The Camp Chef Smoke Vault Smoker comes with fully adjustable heat-control dials, three damper valves, and an easy-to-read thermometer that will let you control the temperature during the cooking process. The cooking temperature ranges from 160°F to 350°F. It has a protected burner drum for optimum heat control and a convenient matchless snap-ignition

This machine has a simple design suitable for a BBQ in your backyard. This smoker features a heavy-gauge steel wood chip tray and a water pan that infuses the meat with a tasty flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these common questions and answers for more information on the Southern Pride gas smoker:

Question: How do I load the food in the racks?

Answer: The food should be loaded from bottom to top on the food rack hangers. The heaviest pieces of food should always be placed on the bottom racks. Don’t forget to leave some room between food items to allow smoke to circulate evenly.

Question: How do I load wood into the burner?

Answer: You should use 1 to 3 logs of 3-5 inches diameter and 10-12 inches long. Do not exceed six pounds of the wood total. Place the logs aligned with each other to minimize airflow around the logs.

Question: What kind of wood can I use for the Southern Pride Gas Smoker?

Answer: I recommend that you use green or somewhat seasoned hardwoods and fruitwoods. Some good types of wood are Hickory, White Oak, and Apple.

Question: How do I repair a gas leak?

Answer: To repair a gas leak, tighten the loose joint or replace the faulty part with an appropriate replacement part.

Question: How do I clean the Southern Pride Gas Smoker?

Answer: First, remove all product racks and hangers from the smoker and clean them using a commercial detergent. Then clean the stainless-steel surfaces (interior and exterior of the smoker) using a non-abrasive cleaning product.

Question: How do I dispose of the ashes?

Answer: After each use, collect the ashes using heat-resistant gloves and place them in a non-combustible pan. Spray them with water and then place them in a tight metal container.

Question: Where are Southern Pride smokers made?

Answer: Southern Pride smokers are produced in a modern manufacturing factory in Alamo, TN.

Question: Where can I buy the Southern Pride Gas Smoker?

Answer: Southern Pride does not sell direct. Instead, the company has a network of distributors and service providers. You can find a distributor by clicking here.

Final thoughts: This smoker is great for commercial use

Southern Pride is a famous brand known for its high-quality smokers. Its commercial-grade smokers are used in well-known restaurants all over the United States. The Southern Pride Gas Smoker has a robust stainless-steel construction that makes it durable and reliable. In addition, it includes many attractive features, such as a rotatory rotisserie, a high-performance burner, and a modern control panel.

We hope that this review has provided you with all the information you need to decide if the Southern Pride gas smoker is the right fit for you. For guides on smoked food, feel free to take a look at our smoked cod guide and smoked halibut guide.

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