Bockwurst Guide: How To Cook and Eat It

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From snack bars to supermarkets, bockwurst can be found nearly everywhere in Germany. This traditional German Sausage is made from pork meat and ground veal. It is a staple in German restaurants, where it is served with potato salad on a plate.

The name bockwurst comes from the fact that it was originally eaten with bock beer. This spicy sausage is usually cooked by simmering or streaming. You can eat it with mustard and bread or add it to a soup.

In this article, we will look at the history of bockwurst, how to make it at home, and some of the most common alternatives.

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History of Bockwurst

The history of the bockwurst dates back to the 19th century in Berlin. However, the earliest mention of it comes from the German state of Bavaria in 1827. In the Bavarian Dictionary, J A Schmeller mentions Bockwurst served with bock beer as a popular Munich breakfast.

An alternative story claims that the bockwurst was invented in 1889 by the restaurant owner Robert Scholtz of Berlin. One day, the innkeeper R. Scholtz served his guests boiled sausages alongside bock beer instead of the usual Knackwurst sausages. The guests were so excited about this new combination that they named the sausage “Bockwurst.” The sausages were made by the butcher Benjamin Lowenthal and contained Veal and Beef meat.

Over time, bockwurst became one of the typical Berlin bar snacks and spread from the capital across all of Germany. Nowadays, bockwurst is one of the most popular types of sausages in Germany, and it is found in many places such as snack bars, restaurants, grocery stores, food booths, and gas stations.

Bockwurst – The Basics

Bockwurst is made out of three main ingredients: pork meat, pork belly, and ground veal. It usually contains around 80% of pork meat. A portion of beef can also be added in order to increase the firmness. This gives the sausage a better consistency to the bite.

The bockwurst is a kind of boiled sausage. It is usually smoked for about 30 to 60 minutes before cooking. This gives it its typical brownish hue and traditional aroma.

Bockwurst is also known as a red sausage due to its color. It is one of the most common sausages you can buy at German supermarkets. It is normally packaged in a protective atmosphere, which allows them to stay fresh for weeks and conserve their aroma. Bockwursts can also be sold in glass recipients and ready for consumption.

What does Bockwurst look like?

Bockwurst looks somewhat like a curved hot dog. These sausages have an elongated shape, a diameter of about 3 cm, and a weight of about 100 to 120 g. The skin is light brown in color. The sausage meat is light pink and has a fine and homogeneous consistency.

What does Bockwurst taste like?

Bockwurst has a rich and mildly spicy taste. Simple seasoning is used in this sausage, which greatly enhances the flavor of this delicious meal. Bockwurst is usually flavored with salt, pepper, ginger, and paprika. Additional herbs such as nutmeg, parsley, and coriander can also be added.

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How much does Bockwurst cost?

The cost of bockwurst will vary according to the price of pork meat and ground veal in your region. It will also depend on the grading of the meat you use. Please be aware that the cuts you choose to use will affect the consistency and flavor of the sausage. The spices used for the seasoning will also have an effect on the final cost.

The cuts I recommend for this sausage are pork belly, pork neck, and veal. Pork meat costs between $2 and $6 per pound. As for the veal, it can be bought for $4 to $8 per pound.

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How do you cook Bockwurst?

For the production of the sausage, the meat is ground and mixed with the necessary ingredients (seasonings, cutter aids, and nitrite curing salt) in a food processor. About 20% of ice is added to prevent the mass from overheating and to keep the sausage juicy. The resulting sausage mass is filled in hog casings.

We are going to cover all the steps for making bockwurst sausages at home:

  1. First, cut the meat and fat into smaller pieces. You can adjust the size depending on the size of your meat grinder. Make sure to keep the meat and fat separate at first.
  2. Put the meat and fat in the freezer and let them cool for about 1 hour. Freezing will make it easier for you to grind them later.
  3. Now grind your spices (ginger, pepper, paprika, coriander) finely except for the cutter aid.
  4. Grind the meat and the fat through a fine die of 3 mm. I like to grind the fat two times and the meat once.
  5. Place the meat in a food processor. Add the spices and cutter aid.
  6. Mix the minced meat and gradually add the fat to the food processor.
  7. Add ice every now and then so that the mass doesn’t get too warm. Measure the temperature regularly. It should not exceed 54 °F.
  8. The mass should be ready at this point. Now you can fill the mass into sausage casings. Again, make sure that as little air as possible is trapped within the casing as you fill it.
  9. Form the sausages by turning the casings. You can determine the size of the sausage yourself. Bockwursts have a typical length of about 20 cm.
  10. Hang the sausages in the oven and let them dry for about 1 hour.
  11. Once the sausage is dry, you can smoke them at 150 °F for about one hour.
  12. Finally, the sausages can be cooked by simmering in hot water (176 °F) for approximately 15 minutes.

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Bockwurst Alternatives

If you want to try other kinds of sausages, here are a few alternatives for you:


The Wiener sausage is a thin sausage made of pork and beef. This sausage is prepared by giving it a low-temperature smoking. They taste somewhat like hot dogs but look larger and thinner.


Bratwurst is the most common sausage in Germany. It is made from pork and beef, and it can be served fried, grilled or smoked. It is trendy in sports stadiums, where it is usually served with bread and mustard.


A knackwurst is a plump and fat sausage originating from Germany. The sausage is highly seasoned, and it is usually prepared from ground meal and ground pork. Check out our complete review on Knackwurst!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bockwurst

Check out the answers to some common questions about Bockwurst.

Question: How do you eat Bockwurst?

Answer: This sausage is traditionally consumed with bock beer. Bockwurst also goes well with potato salad on a plate or with mustard and a bread roll. You can serve it with condiments such as sauerkraut or fried onions.

Question: How Long Does Bockwurst Last?

Answer: Bockwurst can last for around 1 week at 41 to 44 ° F. The ideal place to keep this sausage is the refrigerator. The smoking process makes bockwurst last longer than other kinds of sausages. Unopened, bockwurst can last for about one year.

Question: Can I buy Bockwurst from the store?

Answer: Bockwurst is a top-rated German export product and can be found all over German Supermarkets and grocery stores. In Germany, bockwurst can be found in nearly every food booth and gas station.

Question: What is the best way to cook bockwurst?

Answer: The best way to cook bockwurst is to fill a large pot three-quarters of the way with water and let the water boil for about one minute. Afterward turn the heat down and let it cool to about 176 °F. Then, place the sausage into the pot, cover the pot with a lid, and cook it for about 15 minutes.

Question: Can I eat Bockwurst raw?

Answer: Bockwurst is normally sold uncooked and must be prepared by simmering in hot water. However, some variants of bockwurst are sold cooked in glass recipients and are ready to serve. You can look at the product packaging for instructions on this.

Question: Can I boil Bockwurst?

Answer: No, you can’t boil bockwurst. Boiling should be avoided since the boiling process may cause the casing to split open and lose flavor. Instead, you can prepare bockwurst by simmering them at about 175 °F for about 15 minutes.

Conclusion – Should You Try Bockwurst?

The answer is definitely yes. There is a reason why this sausage can be found in nearly every kind of food store in Germany. Its soft consistency and spicy flavor make it a wonderful compliment to bock beer. It can also be used to accompany a wide variety of meals.

Bockwurst can be prepared at home in a few easy steps. Just follow the instructions we have given, and you will make some delicious sausages. Feel free to enjoy them with bread and mustard or add them to a soup.

In conclusion, I recommend that you try bockwurst. This is one of the most popular German wursts, and it can be enjoyed on many different occasions. If you want to read additional information on meats and sausages, check out the guides and reviews we have on Meat n Marrow!

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