How to Find the Best Hog Ring Pliers for Sausage

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So you have a lot of ground meat in the house, and you are thinking of making your own sausages to grill.

Once you have your sausage stuffer and sausage casings in place, you might think all you need to do is tie off one end, pack the meat inside, and tie off the other end. However, if you want your sausage-making to be a good experience, this is not the way to go.

Sausage casings that are tied by hand can easily burst, and this is where hog rings make for a great solution. These are the metallic rings found at each end of a sausage that holds the casing in place. You use hog ring pliers to tighten the rings so they can permanently hold your sausage casings together.

If you have never purchased these pliers, or are looking for a replacement, then this guide will help, as we’ve selected 8 of the best hog ring pliers available on the market.

At a Glance: 8 Best Hog Ring Pliers

Name Dimensions Best for Weight More Info
Swpeet Straight Hog Ring Pliers 8.39” x 3.82” x 2.72” Light sausage making 1.28lbs Find out more
Dewalt Hog Ring Pliers Kit 10.4” x 1.3” x 8.27” Heavy-duty work using straight pliers 2lbs Find out more
Cascade Tools Hog Ring Pliers Kit 9.29” x 5.04” x 1.38” Differently sized hog rings in one kit 1.57lbs Find out more
Nidaye Straight Hog Ring Pliers 8.5” x 4” x 0.5” Secure handling during sausage-making 7oz Find out more
Ion Tool Hog Ring Pliers 6.5” x 1.38” x 0.67” Light and medium-duty sausage making 0.44lbs Find out more
Plant My Tank Professional Hog Ring Pliers 7” x 7” x 1” Working with large hog rings 13.09oz Find out more
Lisle Angled Pliers 0.9” x 1.1” x 0.5” Professional handling of smaller hog rings 0.52lbs Find out more
C.S. Osborned Curved Hog Ring Pliers 10.87” x 3.98” x 0.71” Heavy-duty, professional sausage making 10.1oz Find out more

Selection Criteria

Sausage making is not for the faint of heart, and the job can be made more frustrating if you do not have good hog ring pliers at hand. We used the following pointers to guide us in picking the eight best hog ring pliers for sausages:

Durable Construction

Hog rings are made from tough metals, and a badly constructed pair of pliers can break apart before squeezing them shut. We have ensured that our selection has pliers made from tough metals that can withstand a lot of heavy-duty use.

Easy Handling

A pair of hog ring pliers should not be complicated to handle. Our selection features hog ring pliers designed for simplified use. They are packed with features like spring loading systems, deep grooves for holding rings in place, and comfortable grip handles.

Positive Reviews

In the meat world, positive experiences by other meat lovers are the sure way to get equipment that works. We have selected hog ring pliers that hundreds of users have used for years that can be trusted to get the job done right the first time around.

Reasons to Buy Hog Ring Pliers for Sausages


Secure Sausage-Clamping

Unfortunately, your bare hands will unlikely give you the professional-level German wursts you wish to achieve. Hog ring pliers keep the ends of the sausage together so that the ground meat does not come spilling out before and during cooking.

Faster Sausage-Making

Tying each individual sausage casing together would take forever, and in many cases, speed is important. Hog ring pliers remove a lot of the technicalities behind properly securing the casing, which means you can get to cooking your sausages faster.

Multipurpose Use

Hog ring pliers are useful beyond culinary purposes. These handy pieces of equipment can be used in the garden to construct stands for your plants or a coop for your chicken.

You can even use them for upholstery and other DIY projects around the home. This type of multifaceted use makes purchasing hog ring pliers a worthwhile endeavor.

Tips for Using Hog Ring Pliers for Sausages

Ensure Ring Ends Bypass

When clamping the ends of a sausage casing, it is not enough that the hog rings come close to each other. Make a tight clamp by squeezing the hog ring until the ends overlap. This type of clamping ensures that the casing does not burst when you cook your sausage.

Use Dedicated Hog Ring Pliers

Hog ring pliers are very versatile and can be used beyond the kitchen for various projects. However, to ensure that your sausages are high-quality, restrict the use of your pliers to sausage-making alone. This prevents the transfer of germs from non-cooking activities to your sausages and keeps you and your loved ones safe.

8 Best Hog Ring Pliers

Swpeet Straight Hog Ring Pliers Kit

Swpeet Straight Hog Ring Pliers Kit

These are straight hog ring pliers that are designed to be both functional and comfortable. The pliers are made from steel alloy, making them strong enough to manage a wide range of applications.

To enhance the ease of use, the grips of these pliers are made from plastic and coated with non-slip material. This makes it possible for you to manipulate rigid materials like a wire without experiencing discomfort. The pliers can be handled with either the right or left hand, increasing their versatility.

This Swpeet Straight Hog Ring Pliers Kit comes with 360 pieces of steel hog rings in 3 different sizes: ¾ inches, ½ inches, and ⅜ inches. The pliers use a spring load system so you can put each hog ring accurately in place. This kit will be the perfect companion if you need to do upholstery, making cages, fences, and other uses.


  • The pliers and hog rings are made of strong and durable steel.
  • The spring load system makes it easy to use the pliers and hog rings accurately.
  • Pliers feature an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling.
  • The pliers can be used ambidextrously.
  • Suitable for a wide range of home projects.


  • The pliers are not suited for heavy-duty work.

Dewalt P7DW Hog Ring Pliers Kit

Dewalt P7DW Hog Ring Pliers Kit

The Dewalt P7DW Hog Ring Pliers are well-loved by hundreds of users and for good reason. These pliers are made from case-hardened steel. This reinforced material lends extra durability to these pliers so you can use them for heavy-duty, professional applications.

Dewalt P7DW Hog Ring pliers have very comfortable grips. They are covered in rubber, so they do not dig into your fingers as you work. This rubber covering also makes it easy to use the pliers with one hand without tiring easily.

This kit comes with 1,000 hog rings sized 0.7 inches. The pliers have a cartridge that can hold a full row of hog rings. An automatic feeding system makes using the pliers a fast and continuous process.

The quality construction of these pliers makes it possible for you to use them for more heavy-duty jobs like agriculture and industrial processes.


  • It is made from durable, case-hardened steel.
  • Able to handle heavy-duty, industrial jobs.
  • Grips are covered in quality rubber for comfortable handling.
  • Feature a cartridge for faster feeding of hog rings while working.
  • It can easily be used one-handed.


  • The rings in the kit are not galvanized to protect them from rust.

Cascade Tools Hog Ring Pliers Kit

Cascade Tools Hog Ring Pliers Kit

The Cascade Hog Ring Pliers Kit features a straight pair designed for easy and comfortable handling. These pliers are made from durable steel that can easily handle more intense use.

In addition, the construction is food-safe, making them ideal for use when making salami casings. They are also fit in use for projects like upholstery projects or making metallic cages for your pets.

To aid in your comfort when you use them, these pliers have cushioned grips. These grips are also coated with a non-slip material so that you can maintain a firm handle on them throughout. A spring-loading system also simplifies the process of setting up the hog rings, increasing accuracy.

These pliers can handle any regular hog rings that are around ⅜ inches, ½ inches, and ¾ inches. This kit comes with 300 hog rings that are ¾ inches in size and 300 rings that are ½ inches in size. All these rings are made from galvanized steel, so they will stay put without rusting if you use them in outdoor projects.


  • The pliers are made from heavy-duty steel so that they can handle challenging work.
  • Pliers can work with any standard hog ring.
  • The kit comes with hog rings made from weather-resistant galvanized steel.
  • Features non-slip cushioned grips.
  • The pliers are food-safe and can be used to make meat casings.


  • The pliers may be too small for larger projects.

Nidaye Straight Hog Ring Pliers

Nidaye Straight Hog Ring Pliers

As the name suggests, these Nidaye pliers are straight and are designed to do everything. You can use them to tighten your sausage casings, secure your meat packets, and even do more rugged work like fencing. These pliers are made from steel alloy and are strong enough to handle all these tasks without bending or breaking.

These pliers are compatible with commercial hog rings that are ¾”, ½”, and ⅜” in size. In addition, they have a spring loading system that helps position the hog rings accurately to make your work easier.

The Nidaye Straight Hog Ring Pliers feature 7-inch handles that you can hold in one hand. These are stainless steel grips that are covered in non-slip rubber material. This gives you a secure and comfortable handle that makes using these pliers possible, even if things get wet or sticky.


  • The straight design offers versatility in use.
  • Spring loading system makes for accurate loading of hog rings.
  • Feature non-slip grips for comfortable handling.
  • Food-safe and can be used to hygienically handle meats.
  • Pliers are versatile enough to work with commonly used hog rings.


  • The rubber casing of the handles tends to slip.

Ion Tool Hog Ring Pliers

Ion Tool Hog Ring Pliers

The Ion Tool Hog Ring Pliers are another pair of straight pliers designed to make your work easier. These pliers are made from a steel alloy. This makes them strong enough for tying Russian sausage casings. They are also ideal to use when tying bungee cords or when making fishing traps.

These pliers are around 7” long, giving you long handles that are easy to grip. The handles are also made from steel alloy, meaning they can withstand tough use. They are cushioned with a non-slip material, keeping your fingers comfortable as you work.

This pair of pliers is compatible with most of the hog rings available in your local hardware. They can take ½ inch, ⅜ inch, and ¾ inch hog rings.

They use a spring-loading mechanism to keep the hog rings in place as you work. As a result, you can comfortably use them for any light or medium-duty work both at home and professionally.


  • It is made from a durable steel alloy.
  • Long enough for easy gripping.
  • Non-slip grips ensure secure handling while working.
  • They can take a wide size range of hog rings.
  • Suitable for light and medium-duty work.


  • The pliers may be too large for people with smaller hands.

Plant My Tank Professional Hog Ring Pliers

Plant My Tank Professional Hog Ring Pliers

These hog ring pliers from Plant My Tank are designed for professional, heavy-duty use. They are straight pliers made from steel, making them able to handle large-scale sausage case tying. They are also ideal pliers to use when doing auto upholstery or making railings and fences.

When it comes to pliers, comfort when handling is vital to do your job well. This is why the Plant My Tank Professional Hog Ring Pliers have their heavy-duty handles covered with PVC. This makes them easier to handle so that they do not slip when you are doing a tough job.

This pair of pliers is designed to work with hog rings up to 1 inch in size. They use a spring-loading system to keep the hog rings in place. This feature enhances the accuracy of your work.


  • They are designed for heavy-duty professional use.
  • Can handle hog rings that are up to an inch wide.
  • Feature PVC grips for more comfortable handling.
  • Spring loading system makes application of hog rings easier.
  • Made in the USA.


  • The loading system holds the rings a bit loosely, and they can fall off before application.

Lisle Angled Pliers

Lisle Angled Pliers

The 61410 Angled Pliers from Lisle are the first of their kind on our list. These are heavy-duty hog ring pliers designed for professional jobs like doing upholstery on vehicles. It is for this reason that they are made from steel alloy, so they can do tough work without breaking.

The Lisle 61410 hog ring pliers are set at a 45-degree angle. This makes it possible for you to fit this pair into tight spots. They come in handy when working on pet cages or fishing nets.

These angled pliers are designed to work with hog rings that are up to ¾ inches in size. They use a spring-loading system to keep the hog rings in place. This ensures ease and precision when you use them.


  • It is made from strong steel alloy for heavy-duty use.
  • Useful for jobs like commercial automobile upholstering.
  • The spring loading system simplifies the hog ring placement process.
  • Angled design makes it easy to work in tight spaces.
  • Spring loading system enhances the accuracy of use.


  • Grip covers tend to come off while the pliers are in use.

C.S. Osborned Curved Hog Ring Pliers

C.S. Osborned Curved Hog Ring Pliers

We will close off our list with the Curved Hog Ring Pliers from C.S. Osborne. These are also heavy-duty pliers designed to use in professional jobs. They are made from forged steel, a strong material that can withstand a lot of use without even the threat of bending.

These pliers are designed with strong forged steel handles. The handles are curved at an angle of 135 degrees. This follows the natural position of the hand when holding pliers, making using this pair a more comfortable experience. The vinyl grip provides padding, so you do not hurt your hand while using them.

This pair of pliers have an open spring design for you to put the hog rings in place. Additionally, there are deep grooves to properly keep hold of the hog rings as you work. Working with tougher metals while making your meat casings or doing upholstery for commercial vehicles is simplified when you use these pliers.


  • It is made from highly durable forged steel.
  • Features vinyl grips for comfortable use.
  • The spring open feature makes it easy to load the pliers.
  • Deep grooves hold hog rings steadily in place.
  • Curved handle design makes it easy to use in small spaces.


  • The pliers can be difficult to use for people with smaller hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which is the Best Material for Hog Ring Pliers?

Answer: It is important that your hog ring pliers do not need frequent replacing. For this reason, it is advisable to get pliers made from strong materials like steel or an alloy of steel. This type of material does not bend or break easily and can give you a lot of years in use.

Question: What is a Spring-Loading Mechanism for Hog Ring Pliers?

Answer: This is a system used in smaller tools that makes them easy to manage. A spring-loading mechanism means you can press the pliers together very tightly without spending too much energy or hurting your hand.

The small effort you apply on the ends of your pliers is multiplied in the coils of the spring, ensuring a tighter clamp for your sausage casings.

Question: Can I Use Normal Pliers to Clamp Sausage Casings?

Answer: Simply put, yes, you can. However, regular pliers will not give you the same quality of clamping as hog ring pliers.
This is because the latter is designed with features like angling and precision ends to ensure that they can securely clamp together the delicate ends of a sausage casing without breaking it. Hog ring pliers are your best bet for moving your sausage-making game to the next level.

Which is the Best Hog Ring Pliers?

C.S. Osborned Curved Hog Ring Pliers take the cake for the best hog ring pliers. This pair is a great fit whether you want to do small jobs around the home, like tying up bratwurst casings.

However, they can easily be used outdoors for doing things like making fish nets or making wire chicken coops. The innovative curved design of the handles is the main attractive feature of these pliers since it makes them easy to use in any situation.

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