Best Online Chicken Delivery Service Guide

A good meat delivery service that doesn’t cost a fortune is hard to find. Sometimes you may want to splurge and other times you may just want a regular delivery of staples to keep your refrigerator stocked.

If you’re looking for the best chicken delivery services, there are a lot of options out there, and they’re all unique in their own way. You can get quality cuts of chicken as well as other meat like beef, pork, and seafood.

It’s a great way to support sustainable farming and ensure that you support family-owned businesses, free-range ranchers, and local farms. Read on to find the right option for you and your needs.

Our Criteria

Before we dive into our list of the best online chicken delivery services, we want to highlight the criteria we used to make these selections. All of the recommendations we made in this guide aren’t chosen randomly. Instead, we have a careful vetting process we use to ensure all of the chicken delivery services we recommend are high-quality.

Each of the chicken delivery services we’ve included had to have:

Affordability: We chose chicken delivery services of a variety of price ranges. That way, we can ensure that every option on our list is affordable to you, no matter what type of budget you’re working with.

Positive customer reviews: Besides the hundreds of hours of research we put into trying out and testing these chicken delivery services, we also looked into other customer reviews. We made sure the majority of the customers who use these chicken delivery services have a positive experience.

Available to a large group of people: Also, we made sure all of the subscriptions in this list are readily available to a large group of people.



Rastelli’s is based in New Jersey and has been delivering meat for a few decades. They specialize in proteins from US sources and everything is free of steroids, hormones, and antibiotics.

It’s a family-owned business that streamlined their operation as they grew and now have plenty of products to accommodate the basic needs. They’re a great place to get your staples, including chicken. Check out our full review on Rastelli’s here.

If you’re looking for a great chicken delivery service, Rastelli’s offers the following options:

  • Boneless skinless chicken thighs
  • Organic chicken breasts
  • Organic chicken drumsticks
  • Organic chicken wings
  • Organic chicken breast strips
  • Organic whole chicken
  • Chicken drumsticks
  • 3 cheese stuffed and breaded chicken breast
  • Bacon and cheddar stuffed and breaded chicken breast
  • Chicken and broccoli rabe sausage
  • Chicken, feta and spinach sausage
  • Chicken, roasted red pepper and garlic sausage
  • Chicken sampler

There are plenty of options from which you can choose when it comes to their chicken options, whether you want something precooked or something you can prepare yourself. However, they have more than just chicken. If you want all of your meat to come from the same place, you can choose from some other options at Rastelli’s.

They have beef, seafood, pork, and sides. That includes a variety of burgers, like wagyu burgers, strip steaks, ribeyes, filet mignon, salmon, yellowfin, shrimp, tilapia, sausage, bacon, pork chops, ribs, and a variety of precooked options.

Prices vary based on what you order, but you can get free shipping on orders over $200. You can also set up a subscription for 5% off your orders and you’ll receive regular deliveries that are based on your preferences.

Porter Road

Porter Road

It’s often best to pick your meat up from a local butcher because you’re getting the freshest options and the best variety. If you want that same quality but you don’t want to leave home, Porter Road is one of the best options.

These former restaurant chefs opened an online butcher shop to offer hand-selected cuts. They get their meat from partner farms with established relationships to ensure that every animal is given the proper nutrition at every stage. They’re all raised outside and fed non-GMO vegetarian feed.

All meat is hand-cut in Kentucky and shipped fresh, not frozen. The only products that come frozen are large roasts, ground beef, and sausages.

If you want a la carte chicken, you can choose from the following options:

  • Whole chicken
  • Bone-in skin-on breast
  • Boneless skinless chicken breast
  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Bone-in skin-on thighs
  • Wing party pack
  • Chicken soup bones
  • Chicken stock

Porter Road also offers a variety of beef, pork, and lamb, but they lack a seafood option. They offer a variety of dry aged beef options like steaks, hamburger patties, and ribs. They also have pork chops, ground pork, sausage, and ham.

They’re a great source for lamb if you’re looking for leg of lamb, lamb chops, lamb shoulder, or lamb t-bones.

They also have subscription boxes that you can schedule at two, four, or eight-week intervals. You can also choose one-time add-ons at any time to make your box exactly what you need.

While pricing depends on what you order, you can expect prices to be reasonable per serving. However, it’s not the cheapest option out there.


  •  Plenty of chicken options
  • Offer other meat options, besides chicken


  • Not the most affordable option
  • Don’t have any seafood



If you’re looking for a better value, FarmFoods might be a good option. This collection of humane farms spans the country and produces organic meats including chicken, beef, pork, and seafood.

If you’re looking for chicken shipped right to your door, they offer things like:

  • Whole chicken
  • Chicken back
  • Chicken wings
  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Chicken thighs
  • Chicken breast
  • Chicken feet
  • Chicken liver
  • Chicken gizzard
  • Chicken medallions
  • Chicken bone broth
  • Chicken heart
  • Chicken legs
  • Chicken bones

They also have unique cuts like heart, tongue, liver, and tendon. You may also want to choose from more exotic cuts like bison or elk. Shipping is free if you order more than 10 pounds, which makes it a great deal.

This company partners with farms that have a rich history in organic farming, and you can read all about every farm they partner with on their website.


  • Organic farming
  • Unique cuts, like internal organ
  • Free shipping offer


  • Cuts aren’t always cleanly made
  • Not the highest-quality meat compared to expensive options

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow

If you’re looking for more than just chicken, Crowd Cow is the best option for getting a variety of different meats. The idea originally was that a group of friends could purchase a single cow together to be butchered, packaged, and shipped. It’s transformed into one of the best meat delivery services.

Crowd Cow partners with independent suppliers for their chicken, beef, pork, bison, lamb, and seafood. They know each producer and they work closely to inspect every shipment. They only work with meat that was raised ethically, sustainably, and cleanly.

Their chicken options include:

  • Whole chicken
  • Chicken breast
  • Chicken thighs
  • Chicken wings
  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Ground chicken
  • Half chicken
  • Chicken strips
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Deli carved oven-roasted chicken breast
  • Chicken bone broth
  • Pre-cut whole chicken

It’s easy to search their site by cut or by protein. You can also select a particular farm and shop the options that are sourced from the place you like the best. In addition to chicken, they have beef, wagyu, pork, bacon, bison, seafood, duck, lamb, turkey, sides, desserts, seasonings, and sauces.

They offer subscription boxes with 5% off every box or you can order items a la carte. Prices start very low, so it’s also an affordable option.


  • Sustainable meat
  • Offer more than just meats
  • Discounts available


  • A little more expensive than other options on this list



When you have a subscription service delivering regularly, it’s easy to keep your refrigerator stocked. ButcherBox is one of the best meat subscription services available.

You can choose from a box curated for you every time or a custom box where you can pick which cuts get shipped. You can change your subscription at any time.

You can get monthly or bi-monthly shipments and it always ships free. Their boxes include options like beef and chicken, beef and pork, all beef, or a mixed box. Beef is grass fed, pork is heritage-bred, and organic chicken is free-range.

There are more than 25 cuts to choose from, but you aren’t privy to the selection until you sign up, so for some, it may be difficult to pull the trigger on this one. However, if you like surprises, this is a great option.

Boxes come in a classic size that holds 30 meals and a big size that holds 60. The benefit here is the affordability the subscription affords, including free shipping.


  • Several box sizes
  • Packaging is environmentally friendly
  • High-quality meat


  • Expensive
  • Can’t select specific cuts of meat without a plan



DeBragga specializes in dry aged steaks, but they also have chicken. In fact, DeBragga is a supplier of meats to some of New York City’s best steakhouses and the butcher shop will deliver to your house.

They offer poultry, sausage, veal, lamb, venison, duck, bacon, ham, spices, and sauces. If you’re on the prowl for chicken, they offer a variety of chicken breasts and thighs. However, they also offer other poultry options like duck, and even foie gras.

All of DeBragga’s meats are free of hormones and antibiotics and they deliver nationwide. The best thing you can order from DeBragga is dry-aged beef, and they offer plenty of options like wagyu, steaks, chops, roasts, hamburgers, and hot dogs.


  • Fast delivery
  • Free of antibiotics and hormones
  • National delivery


  • Very expensive

D’Artagnan Foods

D’Artagnan Foods

D’Artagnan Foods specializes in meats that are harder to find elsewhere, like rabbit, veal, quail, goose, pheasant, guinea hen, squab, and capon. However, they also have chicken, duck, beef, pork, seafood, turkey, truffles, and mushrooms.

You can combine your chicken order with something you’ve always wanted to try with D’Artagnan Foods, and everything will be hormone and antibiotic-free. Everything is humanely raised and harvested.

Their chicken options include:

  • Whole chicken
  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • Boneless thighs
  • Leg quarters
  • Chicken sausage
  • Chicken wings
  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Chicken tenders
  • Hot wings

Their website is easy to search by cooking method, cut, or theme. They also offer a variety of prepared food and plenty of extras like charcuterie, caviar, and foie gras.


  • You don’t need a subscription
  • Rare/unique foods available
  • Often have sales and promotions


  • Have a minimum order amount required

Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms has been supplying exotic meats since 1997. They offer over 200 proteins including pheasant, wild boar, bison, elk, kangaroo, camel, emu, rabbit, yak, and ostrich. They also offer a special section of items for people with an alpha-gal allergy.

Their chicken selection includes:

  • Chicken burgers
  • Chicken sausage
  • Chicken breast
  • Chicken poussin
  • Boneless skinless chicken thighs
  • Chicken legs and thighs
  • Whole chicken
  • Smoked chicken breast

The primary goal of Fossil Farms is to work with farmers and ranchers who are committed to humane and sustainable practices. All animals have open pastures, access to pure water, a diet of wholesome grass, and vegetarian grain supplements.


  • Exotic meats
  • Grass-fed and humanely raised meats
  • You don’t have to have a subscription


  • You’re unable to receive deliveries on Saturday

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks

If you want to feed your family or give chicken as a gift, Omaha Steaks is one of the best places to do that. They have been shipping mail order meat for more than 100 years, and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

While they don’t tout the best quality or a 100% organic selection, what they do offer is a ton of variety at affordable prices. If you want chicken, their options include:

  • Spatchcook whole chicken
  • Cut chicken breasts
  • Boneless chicken breast
  • Chicken leg quarters
  • Fully cooked and sliced chicken breast
  • Half chicken
  • Chicken tenders
  • Philly cheesesteak chicken
  • Chicken skewers with vegetables
  • Fully cooked chicken wings
  • Bacon wrapped chicken wings
  • Breast of chicken with broccoli and cheese
  • Stuffed chicken parmesan
  • Chicken cordon bleu
  • Stuffed chicken with wild rice
  • Stuffed chicken with spinach and artichoke
  • Chicken fried chicken
  • Chicken fettuccine alfredo
  • Baked chicken and dumplings
  • Italian chicken piccata
  • Tempura orange chicken
  • Peanut butter chicken with rice

If you want to order packages, they also offer a chicken sampler. Don’t miss out on their wide variety of other meats like sirloins, filet mignons, t-bones, ribeyes, veal, ham, burgers, turkey, lamb, ribs, bacon, bison, sausages, brats, pork, salmon, tuna, trout, swordfish, caviar, lobster, crab, scallops, appetizers, sides, desserts, and wine.

Omaha Steaks has some of the best variety at the best prices, but they don’t offer organic options or subscription boxes.


  • Bundle options are available to save you more money
  • Offer premade sides
  • A lot of variety is available for their meats


  • Packaging isn’t environmentally friendly
  • Inconsistent pricing


If you’re looking for chicken you can order online, there are a lot of options. Every service is different, but these frequently asked questions will help you determine which may be the best choice for you.

Question: Is ButcherBox a Good Deal?

Answer: ButcherBox is ideal for people who love the convenience and want to be surprised by their delivery every month. While you can create custom boxes, they’re more expensive, and it’s often more fun and more convenient to have them curated for you. ButcherBox is also of excellent quality.

Question: Is Ordering Meat Online Safe?

Answer: As long as you’re using a reputable company and you store the meat correctly once it arrives, there’s nothing wrong with ordering meat online. Most companies ship it packaged in dry ice, so it arrives still fresh or sometimes frozen and will be safe for consumption.

Question: Is Omaha Steaks overpriced?

Answer: Omaha Steaks can be pricey, but their meat is worth it. They have tons of variety, and you can order entire meals or gifts from them. It’s a family-owned company that’s been in business for a long time, and there’s a reason they’re still going strong.

Question: Is Omaha Steaks Good Quality?

Answer: While they do have a huge variety, they aren’t very transparent about the quality of their meat, sourcing practices, or USDA grading. However, it’s an excellent choice for prepared meals, parties, and gifts because you can get everything from appetizers to desserts.

Final Thoughts

Ordering chicken online is pretty easy when you have so many great options. My personal favorite is FarmFoods for raw chicken varieties and Omaha Steaks for fully prepared chicken.

However, if you like a surprise, ButcherBox is an awesome choice. FarmFoods is a cut above (see what I did there?) thanks to immense selection and their dedication to humane treatment of the animals.

Omaha Steaks stands out from the others if you are interested in supporting a long-running family company who values the customer. The strength of ButcherBox lies in their ability to keep boxes fresh and updated every month.

No matter what you choose, you’ll be satisfied as long as you do the research and pick the option that works best for your budget and your needs.

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