Best Butcher’s Twine Guide: Our 7 Top Picks

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Have you ever stuffed a Thanksgiving turkey with all your favorite ingredients, and just as you try to put it in the oven, everything comes spilling out? When this happens, the quick-fix solution is to find a clean-ish piece of string to hold the turkey’s legs together. However, the string might melt before the turkey is fully roasted, which brings the whole process back to square one.

Butcher’s twine is the only way to avoid such disappointments in the kitchen. If you do not already have butcher’s twine in your home, you might be tempted to look through an online shop and pick the first you come across. After all, it is just a piece of string, right? Fortunately, here at Meat n Marrow, we know exactly which kind of butcher’s twine you should have in the kitchen.

We have gone through hundreds of options and narrowed them down to 7 of the best butcher’s twine available. Follow along as we dissect exactly why you need butcher’s twine and best for your kitchen.

At A Glance: 7 Best Butcher’s Twine

Name Dimensions Best for Weight More Info
Regency Cotton Cooking Twine 3” x 3” x 5” Heavy crafting 4.8oz Find out more
jijAcraft 200M Cotton Twine String 2.3” x 2.3” x 4” Light crafting 5.9oz Find out more
Norpro Cotton Twine 2.5” x 2.5” x 3” Multipurpose use 2.39oz Find out more
Tenn Well Cooking Twine 2.09” x 2.09” x 4.41” Easy unwinding 3.84oz Find out more
T.J. Moree Butcher’s Twine 1.73” x 1.73” x 3.94” Easy storing 3.52” Find out more
Librett Durables Butcher’s Twine 3.5” x 3.5” x 3.15” Durable use 7.2oz Find out more
UltraSource 24-Ply Butcher’s Twine 7.5” x 7.5” x 7.5” Long-term use 2.01lbs Find out more

Selection Criteria

Best Butcher’s Twine

When it comes to butcher’s twine, there are thousands of options in the market. In our search, we established certain categories as indicators of the best butcher’s twine. We ensure that all the different twines listed check all these boxes::

  • Food-grade material: since twine comes into direct contact with food, it must be made from food-safe materials. All the twine in our selection is hypoallergenic, unbleached, and undyed.
  • Durable: a key component of a good butcher’s twine is its ability to withstand intense use. Durability can be measured by how it is constructed and how heat-resistant it is. All the twine in our selection is solidly made and does not fray easily. In addition, they are all very heat-resistant, able to withstand high cooking temperatures without turning to ash.
  • Strong: we gauge the strength of twine by its ability to withstand tightening without snapping. Consequently, our selection’s butcher’s twine is thick enough to handle different uses without snapping. You can even put the twine we picked to more rugged use outside the kitchen without the fear of the strings breaking.

Reasons to Buy Butcher’s Twine

Meat Trussing

Meat comes in all shapes and sizes, and getting all sides to cook evenly can be difficult. This is where butcher’s twine comes in. This essential kitchen tool helps your meat form a compact shape through which heat evenly penetrates. The result is faster cooking and better results. Additionally, trussing helps maintain the juiciness of meat even when you roast it for hours.

Decor Projects

Butcher’s twine is made from such high-quality material that it makes for a great decor piece. You can use kitchen twine to make macrame hangings or as a holder for your planters and lamps. In addition, Butcher’s twine is great for adding a bit of spice to gift wrapping paper. You can even find more use in the kitchen by tying spices like cinnamon or vanilla sticks together for storage.


Kitchen twine is strong enough to use for multiple gardening purposes. People have found it is useful in creating a trellis for plants like tomatoes. You can securely tie weak stems together with the butcher’s twine, so the plant does not fall over before it matures.

Tips for Using Butcher’s Twine

Tips for Using Butcher’s Twine

How to Truss Meat

Since the goal of trussing meat is to make it compact enough to cook evenly, you should always start tying your meat from the middle. For example, if cooking beef tenderloin or venison, center the twine, then wrap it along the sides of the meat.

Leave about 1” space between the strings. Ensure that the string is tight by tasting with your finger: if you can fit your whole finger underneath the twine, then you need to make it tighter. This way, the twine will not come off in the oven as the meat shrinks.

How to Truss Poultry

Place the chicken or turkey with the chest further away from you and the wings tucked underneath. Run twine from the center to the sides of the bird. Go over the drumsticks and pass the twine below the bird’s joints towards where the feet would be. Once at the ends of the drumsticks, tie the twine tightly so that the drumsticks cross over. Secure the twine under the tail before placing the bird in the oven.

Storing Butcher’s Twine

Butcher’s twine comes in direct contact with food, and it must remain clean even between uses. Storing your twine in a paper bag tied at one end is one way of maintaining its hygiene. Placing it in a dispenser that can be covered is another method.

If none of these apply to you, find a thick plastic cup where the ball of twine can fit. Cut a thin strip along the side of the cup, ensuring that a strand of twine can easily pass through. Leave a bit of twine hanging outside the cup and cover the top with a lid. You can unspool the butcher’s twine from the cup whenever you need to use it, keeping it protected from dust and other stains throughout.

7 Best Butcher’s Twine

Regency Cotton Cooking Twine

Regency Cotton Cooking Twine

To start us off is the 500-foot Cooking Twine from Regency Natural. This is a 100% cotton butcher’s twine that professionals have loved using for more than 3 decades. This half-cone is made from thick, 16-ply cotton. This makes it great for trussing your chicken or turkey without cutting into the meat.

This butcher’s twine has more than one use in the home. It is an aesthetically pleasing twine that you can use to tie around the lids of your canning jars. Second, you can use it to tie your gift wraps, hang up your macrame planters, and spice up your table settings.

Regency Natural’s butcher’s twine is oven-safe. However, since cotton is flammable, you should take care to keep it away from an open flame. Nevertheless, this 500 feet of authentic twine will last you a long time and keep you coming back for more.


  • Made from 100% natural, unbleached cotton.
  • 16-ply is thick enough to truss meat without cutting.
  • 500-feet is long enough to use for multiple months.
  • It can be easily removed from meat even after roasting.
  • Versatile with multiple uses in the kitchen and around the home.


  • Not thick enough to truss meat tightly.

jijAcraft 200M Cotton Twine String

jijAcraft 200M Cotton Twine String

This full roll of butcher’s twine from jijAcraft is designed to fulfill all your kitchen twine needs. It is made from food-grade, natural white cotton. The natural color does not leave dye marks on your food. This butcher’s twine is produced through eco-friendly processes so you can comfortably use it in your home.

The butcher’s twine comes packed in a coil. You can load it onto your twine dispenser for easy use. If you do not have one, you can unwind the spool and cut it at the length you want. It cuts evenly, so you do not have to worry about frayed ends.

The 200M jijAcraft Cotton Twine is 12-ply, making it thick enough to hold your meat together without cutting into it. It is around 656-feet in length, fitting for long-term use. In addition to trussing meat, you can find different uses for this twine, including for decor purposes.


  • Food-grade and oven-safe.
  • Natural cotton color does not leach into food.
  • Long enough for long-term use.
  • 12-ply thick, making it easy to tie meat tightly without breaking.
  • Versatile and can be used in the kitchen and outside in the garden.


  • It may not be strong enough to handle heavier crafting projects.

Norpro Cotton Twine

Norpro Cotton Twine

If you are looking for one of the thickest butcher’s twine, there is, then the 18-ply twine from Norpro will be your best bet. This twine is made from 100% cotton. It comes in pure, unbleached white. This means that the color will not leach into your food even when subjected to high temperatures.

The Norpro Cotton Twine is around 220-feet in length. This makes it long enough for you to use both in the kitchen and around the house without fear of running out. The 18-ply thickness is sufficient for use in both cooking and craft projects without breaking.

This butcher’s twine comes wrapped in a ball. The center-pull technique makes it easy to cut off just what you need and leave the rest of the twine intact. You can comfortably use the Norpro Cotton Twine to tie up and bake or roast your meats. However, keep it from an open flame to prevent kitchen fires.


  • Made from high-quality, food-grade material.
  • Natural cotton is hypoallergenic.
  • Strong enough to expand in the heat without snapping.
  • Thick enough for use in art and craft projects.
  • Uses the central pull technique for easy unspooling.


  • The white color is easy to stain.

Tenn Well Cooking Twine

Tenn Well Cooking Twine

Another high-quality butcher’s twine is the 656-foot kitchen twine from Tenn Well. The length of this twine means you can use it for a long time without it running out. Depending on your needs, you can use double or triple layers of twine without the fear of not having enough of it.

The Tenn Well Cooking Twine is 3-ply thick. This makes it strong enough for multiple uses. In the kitchen, you can use it to wrap herbs. It is great for trussing the chicken, turkey, ribs, and other meats. You can tie it as tightly as you need without the twine snapping off, even when under heat. It is also smooth to the touch, so it will not leave rough marks on your meat.

This butcher’s twine is made from 100% natural cotton. This is a hypoallergenic material that will not affect your health when used for cooking. It comes in an unbleached white, so the color will not leach off into your food. The heat-resistant capabilities of this butcher’s twine make it possible for you to deep fry your meat without the fear of starting a kitchen fire.


  • Made from hypoallergenic natural cotton.
  • Long enough for numerous uses without running out.
  • This is a strong twine that will not snap off even if tightened.
  • Suitable for oven-baking, boiling, and deep-frying.
  • The twine can be used for gardening and art projects.


  • 3-ply may not be thick enough for some uses.

T.J Moree 100M Butcher’s Twine

T.J Moree 100M Butcher’s Twine

TJ Moree Butcher’s Twin is a fan-favorite, and for a good reason. This butcher’s twine is made from 100% natural cotton. It comes in an unbleached white color that will not stain or leach into your food.

This is a 3-ply butcher’s twine. It is thick enough to hold your meat together as it cooks. This butcher’s twine is not prone to breaking when tightly wound. It is also able to withstand high flames without burning up. The result will be a juicy, evenly-cooked meal with all the stuffing in place.

The 328-foot twine comes wrapped in a spool that is easy to unwind and cut as needed. The edges do not fray, making it useful in the long term. The roll can fit into an average twine dispenser, making it easy to keep it food-safe until it is done.


  • Made from 100% natural cotton.
  • Long and thick for multipurpose kitchen and home use.
  • It is unbleached and undyed, making it suitable for use in food.
  • Resistant to high temperatures and is thus oven safe.
  • Designed to fit on an average twine dispenser.


  • The 1mm thickness may be too sharp for larger cuts of meat.

Librett Durables 370-Feet Butcher’s Twine

Librett Durables 370-Feet Butcher’s Twine

This twine is a butcher’s and meat lover’s essential. It is useful when cooking all kinds of meat, whether roasting a beef tenderloin, Thanksgiving turkey, or even meat from wild game. It is strong enough to hold together large meat without breaking as the meat expands from cooking heat.

LIbrett Durables Butcher’s Twine is 370-feet long. This is enough length to last you through months of use throughout the kitchen and home. It comes wrapped in a ball that uses the center pull technique to unspool. This makes it easy to unwind the amount of twine you need and leave the rest clean in intact.

The twine is made from 100% natural cotton. This is a hypoallergenic material that is food-safe and made for use in the oven. This twine is also made using eco-friendly means and is biodegradable. You can even make use of it in your compost heap after you are done cooking with it.


  • Strong enough to handle different types of meat.
  • Made from food-grade and oven-safe cotton.
  • Its 370-feet length is enough for long-term use.
  • It is made from natural, hypoallergenic cotton.
  • It is biodegradable and fit for making compost.


  • Not suitable for grilling as it will catch fire.

UltraSource 24-Ply Butcher’s Twine

UltraSource 24-Ply Butcher’s Twine

To close up our list is the 24-ply Butcher’s Twine from UltraSource. This Is a thick twine suitable for trussing all kinds of meat: from chicken to turkey to pork to wild game. The thickness means your meat will be held together nicely without the skin breaking in inappropriate places.

The UltraSource Butcher’s Twine is many chefs’ and butchers’ favorite twine. It is made from a cotton blend. It has been woven so that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but strong enough to meet all your needs. You can comfortably use it in the kitchen but also use it to support leaning plants in your garden.

This butcher’s twine is 1,600-feet long. You can comfortably use it for months and even years on end before it runs out. It comes wrapped so that it does not fray at the ends after you cut it. And if you pull out more than you need, the wrap patterns are easy to imitate so that your twine spool remains intact.


  • 24-ply thick, so it does not break if wound tightly.
  • The woven pattern is suitable for art and decor projects.
  • Designed for cutting without fraying at the ends.
  • 1,600-foot length is suitable for multiple home uses.
  • Made from food-grade materials.


  • It is not 100% cotton.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Temperatures Can the Butcher’s Twine Withstand?

Answer: Manufacturers understand that butcher’s twine will be used to cook food under high temperatures. As a result, twine is made with heat-resistant properties. However, cotton twine will disintegrate at temperatures above 300F. Take safety precautions to ensure that this threshold is not passed, including not exposing the twine to an open flame.

Question: Will Butcher’s Twine Leave Fibers on my Meat?

Answer: Cooking twine is designed to effortlessly give you healthy food at each turn. Those made with natural cotton will not leave fibers behind in your food. Ensure that your twine is made from 100% natural, food-grade cotton so you can comfortably bake, roast, or boil your foods without running the risk of consuming stray fibers.

Question: Is Butcher’s Twine Material Biodegradable?

Answer: Pure cotton is biodegradable. Thus butcher’s twine made from this material will be biodegradable. This means you can put it to more use by composting it after cooking with it.

Which is the Best Butcher’s Twine?

Librett Durables 370-Feet Butcher’s Twine is the best overall butcher’s twine, in my opinion. This is an all-natural, food-grade butcher’s twine that has proven to be resilient under high heat. It is long enough for long-term use and strong, so you can use it for heavier projects like gardening. It is also smooth and aesthetically pleasing, making it a great option for DIY decor projects. Check out more articles on the best butcher tools and meat processing equipment here.


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